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Jobs for Housewives Sitting at Home

Are you also looking for Jobs for Housewives Sitting at Home? In today’s world, it is not necessary to work hard to get out of the home to make a career or earn money. The culture of work at home has been running in India for the last centuries.

Centuries ago, people used to make a variety of products in their homes ranging from Dona Patta and sandal slippers. Even Parle Ji started with a small house and today Parle Company became a very big company.

Today, when the world has changed, the products have also changed, but the culture of work at home is still alive with the same strength.

Best Jobs for Housewives While Sitting At Home –

10 – Become a virtual assistant.

In this method, you as a representative of a company hold online meetings, contact clients, talk to investors and get new orders. Apart from this, in this work, you have to take care of the website from making the presentation. And all these works come under the domain of virtual assistants.

Virtual assistant jobs fro Housewives

However, for this, you will also need work skills along with educational qualifications. If you are well versed in computers and the internet with connectivity and communication then you can do this job.

9 – Job Translation.

This work is a boon for people with more than one language. Mastery in any Indian language or foreign language along with English can give a lot of strength to your pocket. If you want, you can also do a language course to get expertise in it.

There are many companies that carry out translation work with seriousness. This includes everything from books to research papers. Apart from this, you can do 1 to 5 rupees per word by freelancing through a website like or

8 – Do Blogging.

Thousands of people are making money through blogging in India. Many of these people have left their jobs and started full-time blogging. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to go anywhere to ask for work.

Blogging for Housewives | Work From Home jobs

Just once you are reputed as a professional blogger, Google will be advertising to you all your life. The older and popular your blog becomes, the more your earning will increase.

Today, in the era of the internet, people like to read blocks a lot. Blogging can prove to be right for you.

7 – Sell online.

Like Amazon and Flipkart, there are many companies that hire promoters or agents to increase online sales. They give you a fixed commission. And they also make a special web page for you.

All you have to do is promote their products on social media, if your promotion leads to the sale of their products then they give you a good commission. Many women and men are doing this as part-time jobs.

Therefore, online sale option may prove to be right for you.

6 – Earn Money by Making Videos.

In today’s era, the trend of making videos is getting much faster. There are many platforms including YouTube which provide you the facility to upload videos. They also have a large number of viewers available.

How to Find a Job You love in 2021

If you make a video with content and you have power in your video then you can become a star overnight. You will find many examples of this. Nowadays people are earning millions of rupees by uploading videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and many other platforms.

This is the perfect work from job for housewives who want to earn money while sitting at home.

5 – Teach Online Tuition.

If you are fond of reading and teaching, then you can take online tuition. Today, people on YouTube and many other platforms offer online tuition to students.

Jobs for Housewives Sitting at Home Online-tution

You can get a very good income by studying online tuition. You can teach online to students living in any corner of the world. For online earning, the option of online tuition is the best and the special thing is that there is not much cost in this work.

4 – Book Tickets Online

You can also earn good money by booking people’s railway, bus, and plane tickets online. You must have seen at many places that online tickets are booked. The online ticket book also gives a good commission.

In today’s time, people mostly book tickets online. So you can get a good income by doing this work.

3 – Fill the Online Form of Schemes and Recruitment

Even today, government schemes and job forms are filled online. This is the easiest thing to do. For this you do not need to spend much money, you can start this work from a small shop. And for this, you will need a computer and a printer.

If you also open a small counter online, you can get a good income through it. Along with this, you can also do other online work which will improve your income.

2 – Make Photo and Video Editing

Photo editing and video editing is also a good option for working from home in today’s era. In today’s time, the demand for this work is very high. You can also do this job of photo editing and video editing from home and can earn a lot.

Jobs for Housewives Sitting at Home

In today’s time, many small companies hire freelancer photo and video editors who are paid according to every photo and video.

In today’s time, some people also hire video editors to upload videos to YouTube and they also need an editor for thumbnails of YouTube videos. If you get this work then it is a good means of earning you.

1 – Work as a Data Entry Operator

This is one of the best work from home Jobs for Housewives Sitting at Home. Data entry is also a good option for earning money. Let us tell you that the people who do the work of inputting data into a computer are called data entry operators.

data-entry jobs for housewives | Seize Your Career

For this, You can use any type of input device including keyboard, scanner, barcode reader, OMR scanner, etc. Apart from this, some data has to be typed by looking at it or it may have to be translated.

If you do data entry work at home, then you can easily earn 10 to 15 thousand rupees almost every month. If you have good computer knowledge and your typing speed is better, then you can earn more than this.

What are the best jobs for housewives at homes?

Some of the best jobs are Selling Online, Online Tutoring, Virtual Assistant and Blogging.

Can a housewives get a job while sitting at home?

Yes, Ofcourse. There are many ways or skills a housewives can learn and get a job while sitting at home.

List of career options for housewives?

Blogging, Social Media Handler, Youtuber, affiliate marketing there are many career options for housewives.

Best Computer Courses List to Get a Job in 2021

Computer-Courses-List | Seize Your Career

Looking for Best Computer Courses List to Get a Job? Well, We live in a world where the use of computers not only plays an important role in various aspects of our lives but has become an inevitable part of some of these aspects. Being a part of such a technology forward world, having done a professional course in Computer adds brownie points to the profile of a person.

Importance of Computer Courses?

Computer literacy is considered a very important skill to possess. Employers want their workers to have basic computer skills because their company becomes ever more dependent on computers.

Computer skills are integral to all areas of study and work. As the importance of computers is growing there are several computer courses specialized in this field. 

Having a variety of computer courses available to choose from, it can be confusing to select the best computer courses for your career. RIght?

Here we come to rescue you from the confusion. We have a list of the best computer courses with detailed information on each for you to decide which one is best suitable for you. Depending on what stage of your career you are in you can do the most appropriate computer course for your professional development.

Computer Courses List with Complete Detail

Certification Courses in Computer

A computer science certificate course is proof of an individual’s technical knowledge and experience with specific technologies. Certificates help professionals to demonstrate their competence in a specialty, learn valuable skills, and advance in their careers.

Certifications courses in computer are beneficial to gain knowledge in specific fields of the computer to learn new skills and technologies. These courses are also good for professionals who want to expand their knowledge and have an in-depth understanding of a subject to become experts. Another way these courses can be made use of is to revise the skills and practice them. 

These computer courses are great options for those who are looking for short-term skill development. A certification course may have a duration of a few days to a few months. These certification courses make the individuals go through tests to earn the certificate of completion. 

Some organizations encourage their employees to take up certain certification courses to keep them motivated to learn more. These courses enhance the efficiency of the employees. While there are other organizations that promote their courses and offer to teach the technologies to the candidate. 

There are a number of organizations that provide computer certification courses, some of these are paid while some are unpaid. The important point to keep in mind before choosing the right certification course is its validity, value for money (if paid), and time, will it meet your professional goals, and get a review of the course and company providing it.

Top Trending Computer Courses List are –

  • Web design
  • Animation
  • Hardware and networking
  • Software and Programming language
  • Tally
  •  Cybersecurity
  • Microsoft Office and Typing 
  • Computer-Aided Drawing 
  • Digital Marketing

Bachelor’s Courses in Computer

A bachelor’s degree is a high-level education pursued as graduation or under graduation. A student learns a lot of technical knowledge with in-depth theory concepts and also has practical experience with hands-on labs. 

A bachelor’s degree has a great value in society and adds a lot of value to one’s professional career. It is the right choice for those who have an interest in computer science and are sure about making a future in this field. As this course provides detailed knowledge of the subject matter it is best for a technical professional career. 

These courses have a series of tests such as internal tests or unit tests, semester-end exams or year-end exams, project work, programming labs, and mini-projects which the students have to clear to get a degree awarded in their name. The degree is awarded to a student after the completion of the course. 

Bachelor’s degree is the most common choice for most students. A usual Bachelor’s degree can have a duration of  3 to 4 years. There are a lot of universities and colleges which offer bachelor’s degrees. The admissions into these universities are through entrance exams and merits based on 10th and 12th marks.

Bachelor’s Courses in Computer are listed below:

  • Bachelor of Computer Science – B.C.S
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Applications – B.Sc Computer Application
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Maintenance & Electronics – B.Sc. (Computer Maintenance & Electronics)
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science Statistics – B.Sc. (Computer Science Statistics)
  • Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science – B.Tech Computer Science
  • Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology – B.Tech IT

Computer Diploma Courses

Computer diploma courses focus on a specific skill of the student. It is a subject centric which means it trains students in a particular skill. In a computer diploma program, students have the chance to develop important skills and gain valuable knowledge and experience regarding a specific area of study. 

Diplomas serve a multitude of purposes for different students: they are sometimes used to bridge the gap between different phases of academic study or to provide additional professional training and qualifications.

There are several good reasons to earn a diploma in technology. For instance, individuals can receive a more in-depth look at the field that they are in and utilize what they learn in their careers. 

A document or a certificate is handed to the student after completion of the diploma course. Usually, a diploma degree can have a duration of a few months to 4 years or longer. The cost of earning a diploma can differ from school to school.

How much you pay depends on the specific program in which you are entering. If you want to know more, get in touch with the admission office of your favourite university.

 Diploma Computer Courses List –

  • Diploma in Computer Engineering – DCE
  • Diploma in Hardware and Networking – DHN
  • Diploma in Computer Application – DCA
  • Diploma in Computer Science Engineering – DCSE
  • Diploma in Web Designing and Development – DWD
  • Diploma in Computer Programming – DCP

Master’s Courses in Computer

If you are interested in Computer Science and have a bachelor’s degree in this field that you are not sure exactly what to do with, then we suggest you take your education one step further to develop better career opportunities and increase your knowledge in the field. A Master in Computer Science is a great option.

A Master in Computer Science can open doors to many new and exciting jobs. A career in Computer Science means that you can design and analyze new computer systems, study robotics, and even research artificial intelligence. These are all areas of study that students can experience with a Master in Computer Science.

A Master’s Degree is suitable for those who want to become experts in a field and also for those who wish to expand their knowledge in a particular field for the purpose of teaching or for their own interest.  A usual Master’s degree has a duration of 1-2 years. 

List of Master’s Courses in the Computer Science field –

  • Master in Intelligent Embedded Systems
  • M.Sc. in Data Engineering
  • Master Artificial Intelligence (MSc)
  • Master of Data Science
  • MSc in Computer Science
  • Master in Software Engineering 
  • Master’s of Science in Machine Learning

Computer Courses List in PhD

Computer Science refers to the understanding and design of computers and computational sciences. It requires both abstract and concrete thinking in order to apply theory and practice to computing. There are many programs all over the world offering PhD in Computer Science programs.

PhD is suitable for those who want to do some research work and innovate or study papers on new technology. Depending on the university, the curriculum for a PhD in Computer Science varies.

Some programs are only research-based and some require coursework. Topics of study for a PhD in Computer Science may include information security, database systems, compilers, software engineering, and computational theory. 

For a PhD in Computer Science, research is usually conducted closely with faculty while candidates work towards completing their dissertation.

PhD in Computer Science programs prepare candidates for work in universities, research institutions, or other private or public agencies. A usual PhD degree in India has a duration of 3-4 years.

If you are interested in advancing in a growing field, then a PhD in Computer Science may be the degree you are looking for.

List of PhD Courses available in Computer Science –

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Engineering (PhD.)
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Vision
  • PhD in Computing and Information Sciences
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
  • PhD in Artificial Intelligence
  • PhD in Engineering – Emphasis in Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Machine Learning

Top Paramedical Courses After 10th | Duration, Fee, College

Paramedical courses after 10th

There are a number of fields one can choose after 10th and paramedical course is one of them. There are quite a few paramedical courses after 10th you can go with, read on to know which course is calling you.

Why Paramedical Courses After 10 Th?

Paramedical courses nowadays have become one of the major courses for students who want to be involved in healthcare services. The duration for paramedical courses after 1o th can be as short as six months which is ideal for someone who is interested in starting work as soon as possible.

Best Stream After 10th

Paramedical Courses after 10th | Seize Your Career

There are different certificate courses and diploma courses in paramedical after 10th.  The duration for diploma courses is higher than those of certificate courses. However, the job opportunities for diploma holders is far high than certificate holders.

This article deals with the popular certificate paramedical courses that students opt for after they have completed their 10th.

Certificate In Paramedical Courses After 10TH

1. Certificate In X-ray Technician

Duration of the course: 1 year
Average Fees of the course:  up to 15000
Duration of the course: 1 year

Scope of work:

  •  The task of an X-ray technician includes operating the X-ray machine, guiding the patient (position and posture), following the instructions of lab supervisor and manager.

X-ray technician basically works I clinic, hospitals (government or private) and medical imaging labs.

Best College for Certificate In X-ray Technician

  • Government medical college and hospital (GMCH), Chandigarh
  • Nalanda medical college and hospital (NMCH), Patna
  • Acharya institute of health sciences (AIHS), Bangalore

2. Certificate In Medical Lab Technology

Duration of the course: 1 year
Average Fees of the course: 5000-100,000 rupees

Scope of work

The scope of work for the certificate in medical lab technology (CMLT) will be managing sample collection and handling, maintenance of laboratory equipment, sample
testing and interpretation of data, record maintenance, and delivering the reports.

Best College for Certificate In Medical Lab Technology

  • All India Institute of public and physical health sciences, Delhi.
  • Bangalore medical college and research, Bangalore.
  • Delhi Institute of paramedical technology, Delhi.

3. Certificate In ECG Technician

Duration of the course: 1 year
Average Fees of the course: Up to 10,000

Scope of work: Collect data about patient’s heart rates and heart impulses

Best College for Certificate In ECG Technician

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute, New Delhi
  2. Guntur Medical College, Guntur
  3. Patliputra Medical College And Hospital, Dhanbad

4. Certificate In Medical Lab Technology

Duration of the course: 1 year
Average Fees of the course: 5000-100,000 rupees

Scope of work

The scope of work for a certificate in medical lab technology (CMLT) will be managing sample collection and handling, maintenance of laboratory equipment, sample testing and interpretation of data, record maintenance, and delivering the reports.

Best College for Certificate In Medical Lab Technology

  • All India Institute of public and physical health sciences, Delhi.
  • Bangalore medical college and research, Bangalore.
  • Delhi Institute of paramedical technology, Delhi.

4. Certificate In ECG Technician

Duration of the course: 1 year
Average Fees of the course: up to 10000 rupees

Scope of work

Collect data about patient’s heart rates and heart impulses

 Best College for Certificate In ECG Technician                    

  • 1. Rajiv Gandhi Paramedical Institute, New Delhi
  • Guntur Medical College, Guntur
  • Patliputra Medical College And Hospital, Dhanbad

5. Certificate In Ultrasound Technician

Duration of the course: 1 year
Average Fees of the course: up to 10000 rupees

Scope of work

An ultrasound technician helps doctors and other health professionals diagnose patients’ ailments. The technician operates special equipment that uses high-frequency sound waves to record images of internal organs.

Arts stream after 10th

Best College for Certificate In Ultrasound Technician                

  • Dr. B R Ambedkar College
  •  Tripura Institute of Paramedical Sciences, Tripura

6. Certificate In Medical Nursing Technician

x ray technician

Duration of the course: 6 months
Average Fees of the course: up to 10000 rupees

Scope of work

Works With Elderly, Disabled, and infirm patients to help them perform routine daily tasks. They may also perform basic medical tasks, such as taking and recording vital signs.

Best College for Certificate In Medical Nursing Technician

  • BN Patel Institute Of Paramedical And Sciences, Anand
  • Delhi paramedical And Management Institute, New Delhi
  • C.S.I. Kalyani Multi Speciality Hospital, Chennai

These are some of the best paramedical certificate courses after 10th we can opt for the best career option in the medical line. There are many more paramedical certificate courses available after 10th class and from now on we will discuss diploma in paramedical courses –

All Nursing courses after 10th and 12th

Top Interview Questions Asked in Whitehat Jr for Teacher & Sales Manager

Interview Questions Asked in Whitehat Jr for Teacher

Well, You’re here because you have applied for a teaching job at whitehat Jr careers or might looking to apply for it. But like other people don’t know how hard is the interview process and what are the Whitehat Jr interview questions for teacher and sales manager.

Whitehat Jr Reviews

Many people have shown interest in the Whitehat Jr teacher job and many have got this. There are 3 rounds in total for whitehat Jr teacher interview process. So, without wasting the time let’s get directly to Whitehat Jr Teacher Interview questions

All Whitehat Jr Teacher Interview Questions

List of Interview questions for teacher at whitehat Jr –

Top 10% of candidates are selected from the entire batch of candidates.

  • Do you have prior teaching experience?
  • Are you good at English?
  • Do you have enough patience to handle kids?
  • What’s your educational background?
  • Do you have exposure to coding?
  • How many years of experience you have in Coding?
  • What is a function?
  • How well you connect with students in your own way?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Do you know how to code and if yes then name the languages
  • why do you want to work with white hat jr?
  • What is troubleshooting
  • They asked to do a demo class 
  • About my background and qualifications in the initial screening
  • What do u know about troubleshooting camera and audio in various devices?  
  • asked me to write code to change the colour of the button and screen when the button is clicked.
  • Ready to work at least 30 hours a week?
  • Self-introduction, highest qualification & work experience
  • Navigation on Windows and MAC OS via CMD?
  • Troubleshooting any app if it is not working?  

Whitehat Jr Sales Manager Interview Questions

Below listed are the list of questions asked in Whitehat Jr sales manager Interview questions. Please have a read –

  • Tell me about yourself. 
  • You have a degree in Finance, then why sales?  
  • If given an opportunity what will you choose? sales or core finance?  
  • Why whitehatjr? 
  • About my self in brief and how does this job suit me?  
  • What are your biggest strengths?
  • how well you handle yourself in objection handling.
  • how to convince parents to provide a solution to their issues and buy a coding classes plan
  • Sales Script preparation and situation handling questions?  
  • Are you comfortable Relocating to Mumbai?
  • What is your role at the other company?
  • What do you know about the white hat?  
  • Can You arrange a laptop on your own?
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Work experience?
  • About the company I have worked in and how I worked there? Sales targets.
  • Sell me the course 
  • Sales Pitch Mock call?
  • Why Sales?
  • Take me through your profile?
  • You are not from a sales background, why do you want to apply for a sales post?
  • How would you convert a candidate from a trial class to a full-time class?


NOTE – These questions are collected from different websites where the interviewee has posted the questions asked to them. There are only fewer questions are available, prepare yourself for the whitehat jr interview questions, don’t just rely on these questions.

Best Coding Games & Programs

These questions are combinations of all 3 rounds including Hr round, technical round, and manager round. I hope you have found some important questions to cover. Don’t forget to leave your feedback and do share with your needy friends.

Expert Guide – Best Courses After 12th Commerce Without Maths

Best courses after 12th for commerce without maths

After passing the 10th standard, a student has to decide to choose the right stream. The ones who want to take up Commerce have two options at their disposal. They can either opt for courses after 12 Commerce with Maths or without Maths after 12th. Maths is not a cakewalk for everyone.


Many students face difficulties in dealing with algebra and geometry and hence, decide to opt for Commerce without Maths. You need to select another subject in place of Mathematics, depending on the courses offered by different schools.

Some also opt for Maths unwillingly as people have this misguided notion that dropping maths can be a downside to their career. This is wrong and we will help you burst that bubble. There is a list of courses after 12th for Commerce without Maths that you can choose from.

Commerce with or without Maths After 12th?

All the factors must be taken into consideration before reaching a decision. It can be very stressful and a wrong decision can lead to low scores and low confidence. There are various courses available, even if you decide to drop maths as a subject after the 10th. Here are a few tips which will help you make the right decision.

  • The basic concepts of mathematics should be clear
  • If you like mathematics and think of it as a scoring subject, then you should go for it·  
  •  Make sure that the course that you are looking to pursue after 12th shouldn’t require you to study maths in 12th
  •  The decision should be made free of any pressure from anyone
  • Your 10th maths score will help you analyze  your understanding of it
  • Your teacher can guide you in the right direction

Commerce without Maths After 12th – A Complete Overview

If you are thinking of choosing Commerce without Maths or have already chosen it, then you have several courses after the 12th standard that you can think of stepping into. The Commerce students have an added benefit as you can n pursue not just the courses for Commerce but Arts as well.

So if you want to do something that lies on the creative side and not so much on the commerce front, you have an ample amount of options. It can be pretty daunting to gather all the information and then reach a decision.

This is why we are providing you all the important information so that it becomes easier for you to select the desired course that matches your interest.

List of Courses After 12TH Commerce Without Maths

When we talk about the best courses or list of courses after 12th commerce without maths then below mentioned courses are available for you. Have a read carefully –

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

BBA is one of the most common and popular choices among students pursuing Commerce courses without maths. It is a 3-year undergraduate degree that mainly focuses on the managerial and organizational aspects of a business.

Top 10 Courses After 12th in Commerce

So if you are someone who would like to gain an in-depth knowledge of how a business is operated, then this is the right course for you. Finance, Management, Human resources, Marketing, and Operations are some of the fields that you get to study in the course.

You can choose to specialize in the field of your interest and work as a business analyst for a company. An MBA degree is also a viable option for many students. Many colleges also offer an integrated course (BBA+MBA) which is a 5-year long program.

Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)

B.Com is yet another popular and the most recommended course for commerce students. Maths is not a requirement to pursue this 3-year program. You get to study subjects like Business Studies, Accountancy, and Economics in great detail.

Students, having studied these subjects in 10+2 have an advantage to their end. Delhi University among many colleges is considered to be a good choice to pursue this degree. You can go for an M.Com degree or pursue any of the professional degrees simultaneously.

Journalism & Mass Communication

If you wish to make a career in something that makes use of your creativity, then you should opt for this course. Many colleges offer an undergraduate degree (3 years) and diploma (1 year) as well.

Some colleges also offer an integrated program that includes both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. You can become a writer or reporter as per your interest.

Bachelor of Law (LLB)

This is one of the most rarely chosen courses for commerce without maths. B.A, LLB and B.Com. LLB are integrated programs designed to provide a graduate degree along with a law degree, Entrance exams like CLAT (Common Law Admission Test), LSAT (Law School Admission Test), You and other exams are conducted by Delhi University and other top colleges in India to pursue the degree. You can also get into Some of the colleges abroad to be able to practice law.

Bachelor of  Management Studies (BMS)

BMS is one of the most sought after courses for Commerce without maths. It is on similar lines as BBA but focuses on a deeper understanding of how a business is managed.

It provides you with the conceptual knowledge of managerial and organizational skills. Students pursuing BMS also gain practical and theoretical knowledge of the said concepts. 

You have greater access to various opportunities in the business world as you get to dive deep into the fields like Human Resource management, organizational skills, financial management, etc. Many colleges offer a 3-year degree and the admissions are usually based on entrance exams.

Hotel Management

Hotel Management is another course that stands out among students of Commerce without maths. If you are keen to learn about the world of Hotel management and public handling, then this is the perfect option for you.

There is a multitude of courses and diplomas that you can pursue to make an excellent career in the field of Hotel management. These courses mainly shed light on public handling, hotel management skills, and culinary skills.

Listed below are some of the courses in the hotel management field –

BA in Culinary Arts–  This is an apt choice for people who are passionate about cooking. You get to learn several cooking styles and also how to deal with stress in the kitchen. Experienced trainers who are as passionate and driven as you teach you the art of food.

BA in Hotel Management– BA in Hotel Management or Bachelor of Arts in Hotel Management is a 3-year undergraduate degree.

It provided practical training to equip the students in various fields of Hotel Management such as operational areas of food and beverage production, housekeeping, financial management, etc.

Bachelor of Food and Beverages Production– This is also a 3-year undergraduate degree providing a deeper understanding of food production.

Bachelor of Catering Management– It is set on the lines of catering and its various aspects, it spans for 3 years.

Travel and Tourism

The scope of travel and tourism courses goes beyond what people generally perceive. There are many courses available for commerce without maths aspirants.

BA in Travel and Tourism Management, Certificate course in Travel and Tourism, Bachelor of Tourism Administration, Airfares & Ticketing, and PG Diploma in Tourism are some of the courses you can take up to kick start your career in travel and tourism.

The scope of employment is very bright and has high potential with varied opportunities in both the public and private sectors. Travel agencies, tour operators, transport, hotels, and airlines have ample job vacancies for the same.

Company Secretary (CS)

CS is a very practical and common choice for students pursuing Commerce without or with maths. This professional course is provided by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India.

After completing the course, you can work as an in-house legal expert for a company or open your practice. A company secretary is responsible for regulatory and statutory compliance.

Chartered Accountant (CA)

This is yet another course which is available to you even if you have opted for Commerce without Maths. It is offered by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India. The duration of the course varies from person to person.

The training period allows you to gain practical knowledge of what you have learned so far. Subjects like accountancy, taxation, corporate law, etc are studied in great detail.

Bachelor of Foreign Trade (BFT)

If you wish to build a career in foreign trade and learn how international trade works, then you might want to add this to your list.

Being a student who has opted for commerce without maths, this might be of interest to you as it offers a myriad of opportunities in the foreign trade sector and the international business world.

This course mainly focuses on concepts like trade policies, export, import, and supply management. The scope of BFT is large and it offers you job opportunities in the banking, trade, and commerce sectors.

Bachelor of Arts (BA)

BA is pursued by a large number of students in India, especially the ones who choose to go with commerce without maths. There are several programs which you can choose as per your calling.

Economics, History, English, or any other language, Politics are some of the various subjects you can major in. It is a 3-year undergraduate degree that offers many job opportunities in the respective fields. An MBA degree is a viable option after you are done with your graduation.

Fashion Designing

This is a very popular course mostly among women but even men are building their careers in the field of fashion nowadays. Many renowned institutes offer diploma or undergraduate courses which you can join right after 12th. The scope of fashion designing is not just restricted to India.

Top 10 Courses After 12th in Commerce

You have innumerable job opportunities in other countries as well. If you are passionate about apparels and textiles, this is the right choice for you.

It is an absolute myth that the stream of commerce without maths doesn’t offer you any good career options. We, through our article, are trying to guide you in the right direction so that you can make the right decision.

There are many competitive exams like UPSC, SSC, etc that you can appear for. Having to choose a course that fits your goals and interests can be daunting and also stressful. You should gather as much information as you can and then come to a decision for yourself.

Commerce Stream After 10th | Top 30 Courses & Subjects

Being a commerce student is a boon as you have uncountable options in the field of arts and commerce at your disposal.  It is the stepping stone to a successful career, so choose wisely.

Is it a good choice to go without maths after 12th?

Well, it totally depends on you if you aren’t interested in studying maths then you can go with it and there are a hell lot of options available without maths. You just need to be focused on your goals.

How Many career options are there if I select commerce without maths after 12th?

As we have mentioned many career option above in the blog these. These are some of the top courses or career option available for you. Many other options are available depending on your interest and field of study.

Can I achieve something great after choosing courses after 12th without maths?

Yes, obviously, there are many such great career options are available you can pursue and can expect a good luxury career.

Best Nursing Courses after 10th, 12th in India | Career, Jobs

medical Exams after 10th and 12th | medical courses after 12th |Seize Your career

If you want to build a career in nursing and want a head start in the nursing field at a very early stage of your career, then pursuing a diploma or certificate in the nursing courses after 10th is the way to go.

There are various courses that you can pursue right after you pass the 10th standard. However, all of these courses are paramedical. Most of the good diploma courses in nursing that are recognized by the INC (Indian  Nursing Council) have an eligibility criterion of 10+2.

medical Exams after 10th | Seize Your Career

Scope of Nursing Courses After 10th

There is an ever-rising need for nurses in the healthcare sector all around the world. Especially now, in times of COVID-19, the healthcare sector has become one of the most important sectors. Nurses and paramedical help play a very crucial role in providing good care and treatment to patients.

Bsc Nursing Course after 10th

There is and always will be a huge need for nurses, nationally and internationally. And gaining a certificate or diploma in nursing courses after the 10th gives you an added advantage as you can start working as a paramedic in the healthcare sector. The duration of these courses varies from 1-2 years, depending on the course.

Top Entrance Exams After 10th

Having a diploma and some experience as a paramedic helps in getting into good colleges recognized by the INC  for pursuing diploma courses in nursing after 12th.

List of Paramedical Courses can be Pursued after the 10th

Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant

This diploma is a 2-year course that helps you gain nurse assistant skills and knowledge. Nursing care Assistants work under qualified and experienced nurses and are also known as nurse aides. The fee of this course varies from INR 1,500 to INR 1,50,000 depending on the college you are taking admission in.

Certificate in Nursing Care Assistant

This course is on similar lines as diploma in nursing care assistant but the duration is only 12 months including job training.  This course is designed to train the students to provide medical and nursing care to home-based patients suffering from acute or chronic illnesses.

Certificate in Nursing Care Assistant

This course is on similar lines as diploma in nursing care assistant but the duration is only 12 months including job training.  This course is designed to train the students to provide medical and nursing care to home-based patients suffering from acute or chronic illnesses.

Commerce Stream After 10th

Diploma in Rural Healthcare

It is a 1-year diploma course that is designed to uplift the health situation in rural areas. Students are taught basic healthcare, sanitation, first aid, and patient education. The fee ranges from INR 10,00o- INR 1,50,000. You can start working as a rural healthcare worker around the country.

All the above-mentioned paramedical courses after 10th follow the semester system and one can start working right after the completion of any of these degrees. These jobs require you to be responsible for the health of the patients and attentive to the patients’ needs. A lot of compassion and knowledge are needed to fulfill this role.

Objective of Nursing Courses in India

The objectives of all these nursing/paramedical courses are the same. Let us learn what these objectives are –

  • The primary and foremost objective of these courses is to create a workforce that caters to the needs of people suffering from chronic or acute diseases.
  • The students learn how to maintain personal hygiene in the workplace.
  • The trainees also learn the measures with which they can ensure patient safety and health improvement.
  • They are trained to be attentive to a patient’s vital signs and document the progress of the patient’s health.
  • The courses also strive to teach methods of diagnosing patients based on their physical symptoms as well as behavior.
  • Trainees learn to be consistent while reporting a patient’s progress and vital signs.
  • The patient should feel comfortable and secure in the hospital environment and that’s what these courses aim to achieve.

Jobs after Nursing Courses in India

Best Stream After 10th

There is a growing need for skilled nurses all around the globe. The supply of nurses every year is not as much as the demand for them. So if you decide to pursue a career in nursing, you would never have to worry about not finding a job.

The healthcare sector has become a great necessity in today’s times as compared to earlier. Hence, doctors and nurses are in great demand, more than ever now.

4 crore new jobs by next year: Indian healthcare industry to grow 3 fold by 2022


The healthcare sector is so vast that it has several sub-sectors that you can choose to work in.

  • Hospitals– Both private and public hospitals employ thousands of nurses and paramedics every year.
  • Nursing homes– Due to the changing lifestyle, more and more people are being admitted to nursing homes. Nurses and paramedics are needed to take total care of the residents.
  • Administration– Management of patient care, nursing personnel, and resources are some of the functions in the area of administration.
  • Schools– Every school, mostly the private ones, have medical rooms that aim towards the basic health needs of the students and teachers. You can choose to work in schools as a nurse.
  • Medical Writing– A medical writer is a person that uses clinical research to write about product use, developing trial documents that describe research results clearly, and other medical information.
  • Healthcare centers– Healthcare centers are state-owned rural health centers in India. Healthcare centers- Healthcare centers are state-owned rural health centers in India. to work.

Different Types of Career Options in Nursing After 10th

Pursuing a paramedical/nursing course after 10th exposes you to so many career options. There are so many places you can work in and several fields you can choose to kick start your career in nursing. The scope of this career isn’t limited to just hospitals and being a paramedic or nurse. It’s so much more than that. Read further to learn what that is.

Advanced Practice Nurse

With titles like clinical nurse, nurse practitioner,  nurse midwife, etc, an CAN is involved in more advanced and practical aspects in various health settings. A master’s degree is essential to become an advanced practice registered nurse.

Staff Nurse

Nursing courses after 10th and 12th

A staff nurse takes care of medical patients. Various job vacancies open up in Indian government hospitals such as AIIMS, ESIC, Nursing Corps, and Indian Army hospital.

Nurse Manager

Nursing management involves performing managerial roles such as planning, staffing, organizing, and controlling. Leadership and decision-making are some of the qualities that require to be a good manager within an organization of nurses.

Nursing Teachers

Nursing courses after 12th

If you think you have the capabilities that it takes to be a teacher, you can be one. A nursing teacher passes on their knowledge and skills to the oncoming generation of nurses.


A researcher is a part of the research involved in the development of various medicines, vaccines, and other clinical research.

Being a nurse, you can easily earn from INR 2,00,000 to INR 5,50,000 per annum.

Nursing Courses after 10+2th in India

We would recommend that you should complete your school education instead of dropping out and focusing on just the nursing course you have taken up after the 10th. It is always better to pursue a nursing course after the 10th and also finish school. There are many options after 12th standard to broaden your horizon and become a registered nurse (RN).

Opting for Science after 10th helps a great deal as you get to study subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Biology and that leaves you with several nursing courses after 12th.  Moreover, having a diploma and some work experience help you get into good colleges. Some courses that you can pursue after 12th to become a nurse are mentioned below.

B.Sc in Nursing After 12th

B.Sc in nursing is a 4-year program that is offered by many medical colleges in India. The basic qualification required is 12th in the stream Science.

General Nursing and Midwifery Course (GNM)

GNM is a diploma course and its duration is 3 years and 6 months. You can pursue this course if you want to be a clinical nurse.

Auxiliary Nursing and Midwifery (ANM)

This is a 2-year diploma course designed to train students in medicines, providing medical assistance, and healthcare.

Top Career Options After 12th


Nursing job is one of the jobs that require you to be responsible and dedicated to what you do. It is a great opportunity to save lives and help a lot of people. Healthcare will never cease to exist. Given people’s lifestyle, food habits, and stress, the life expectancy rate has come down considerably.

We are prone to so many viruses, diseases, and life-threatening illnesses, which means we require more medical care. More and more doctors and nurses are needed today. And hence, more vacancies are created every year. So, if you are thinking of stepping into this field, you have made the right decision. It is not necessary to get a diploma in nursing right after 10th.

You can complete your schooling first and then pursue the desired course after 12th. Having a diploma in nursing already gives you an added advantage and more knowledge. We wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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Is Nursing is a good Career?

Yes, Nursing is always considered a good career option because of its high demand for healthcare. After coronavirus people are more health-conscious and govt of India is also looking for more candidates in healthcare especially in nursing.

Can We Join Nursing After 10th Class?

Yes, Of course. You can join nursing after 10th. There are many option available to pursue nursing courses after 10th and 12th.

What are Top Nursing Courses after 10th and 12th?

Some of the top courses are Diploma in Nursing Care Assistant, Diploma Rural Healthcare, Diploma in Home Nursing, ANM, GNM etc.

10 Competitive & Entrance Exams After 10th Class | Guaranteed Success after 10th

engrance- or-competitive-exams-after-10th-class

Class 10th result is out and now you are searching for top competitive/entrances exams after 10th? Right! Yes, I got you. Or maybe you are confident enough that you will pass the class 10th. So, it’s time to look after the entrance exam after 10th. It will help students to prepare for competitive exams along with their school.

Choosing courses after 10th is an important decision students have to go through. It’s time to choose courses from commerce, arts, and science but according to New Education Policy students have choices to select any course from any stream and I think it would help a lot to students to go with their best choice after courses after 10th class.

In India mostly students go after medical or engineering NEET (National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test) and JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) is the top competitive/entrance exams millions of students prepare for to get into top undergraduate medical and engineering college/institutions across India.

Around 13 Lakhs students appear for the medical exam and 10 lakh students for engineering exam

Apart from medical and engineering, there are some other entrance exams students can after 10th. Most of the students and their parents think that competitive exams are offered after 12th. They don’t have any idea about entrance exams after 10th class.

Even after class 10th, there are many entrance exams are available. I’ll be talking further in this article. These competitive/entrance exams after 10th are meant to check the student’s mental ability and intelligent quotient.

CBSE always conduct different type of exams that put the burden on the students and nor even at standard level exams. Some of the entrance exams conducted by different authorities want to eliminate those buggy tests. NEET doesn’t ask for aptitude tests for medicine nor does JEE ask for student’s potential for engineering.

10th passed students are eligible to appear for a list of competitive exams we have mentioned below. Most of the entrance exams after 10th are related to scholarships and Olympiads. If you want to join Armed Forces after 10th, you have to go through a relevant written test too –

List of Entrance & Competitive Exams After 10th Class

There are many competitive exams students can go to after 1oth but we will cover some of the top exams out of them. It’s always an important decision to choose the path you will be following throughout your whole journey. So have a read carefully and decide what is best for you. – So here we go

Best Stream After 10th in 2020

A list containing top entrance exams after 10th class

Kishore Vigyan Protsahan Yojana (KVPY)

KVPY is conducted by the Dept. of Science & technology, its a national level program of fellowship in basic sciences. You can get every detail about this program on 2nd July of every year. Students from class XI to 1 st yr of graduation can apply for this. Students who cleared the exams will be eligible for admission into the 5-year Integrated MS program in IISER.

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE)

National Talent Search Examination (NTSE) is a secondary school level national-level scholarship program to look after intelligent students who have great academic and intellectual talent. This test is conducted every year at 2 stages

Stage and Level-1 are Conducted by either states/union territories and Stage and Level-2 is conducted by NCERT. The main objective of conducting this test is to find students with a special aptitude for mathematics, social sciences, sciences, and analytical reasoning. Read – Arts Stream After 10th

Indian National Mathematical Olympiad (INMO)

The INMO test is conducted by Mathematical Olympiad Cell (MO CELL). This test is held every third Sunday of January at 30 different centers across the country. This competitive exam is being held annually in India since 1989. The main focus of this entrance exam after 10th is promoting excellence in maths and science students at the school level.

Olympiads involve a five-stage procedure for this entrance exam. The first stage is organized with the association of the Indian Association of Physics Teachers (IAPT) with the partnership of teacher associations in other subjects. Students who want other options other than NEET or JEE after class 10th can apply for INMO. It is counted as one of the best competitive exams after 10th.

National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET)

Introducing you to the best competitive exams in India. This competitive exam is to get admission to BDS or MBBS courses in India. The best thing about this entrance exam is it is organized by CBSE and candidates who want to appear in these exams then you should start preparing for these competitive exams after 10th class to get enrolled in your dream college.

All medical colleges are approved by DCI under the union ministry of health and family welfare. The question paper of NEET has included questions from Botany, Physics, Chemistry, and Zoology. You also have many options if you’re looking to go for some online coaching.

After lockdown due to Corona institutes are more focused on learning from home or Online teaching, it can be a great option if you’re interested. There are many big online portals like Byju’s, Topper, and many other institutes which are providing great online coaching to students who are looking for entrance exam after 10th 11th, or 12th.

Science Olympiad Foundation [SOF] Exams

This entrance exam came into existence to promote science, mathematics, computer, and English language speaking skills in India. SOF is originated by non-profit organizations and conducts 6 national level Olympiads for school students from class 1 to 12th every year.

Courses After 12th in Commerce

SOF also offers scholarship programs like Scholarship of Excellence in English to meritorious students and I think this is a great opportunity to start.

There are numerous tests are being conducted by the foundation –

  • National Cyber Olympiad
  • International General Knowledge Olympiad
  • International Commerce Olympiad
  • National Science Olympiad
  • International Mathematics Olympiad
  • International Commerce Olympiad

There are a lot more entrance courses students can go to after 10th class but these are the most important ones. We are trying our best to bring out all the competitive courses after 10th class soon. Always be careful in choosing the best stream after 10th, whether it’s Arts, Science, or Commerce.

Hope you find some quality information here. Please do like, share, and comment.

Top 10 Courses After 12th in Commerce Stream

Top 10 Courses After 12th in Commerce Stream – Choosing the best career option after 12th is a crucial decision for every student. Right after a student steps into the 12th standard, there is an added stress of choosing the right course.

Commerce students get to study various subjects in 2 years namely, Accountancy, Economics, and Business studies. So, We will be discussing Courses After 12th in Commerce stream.

This helps the students to get a deep understanding of the subjects which, eventually, helps them reach a decision. The dilemma of where to begin can be a real bummer.

Not just the students but the parents are also constantly worried about their child’s future. But you don’t need to fret anymore because this is where this article comes to your rescue. We have tried to provide you all the information that you need.

Why Selecting Courses After 12th in Commerce is an Important Decision?

There is a vast number of courses to choose from and it can be very confusing. Students who opt for the Commerce stream after 10th have a wide variety of courses at their disposal. Choosing a course to pursue is just the first step on the way to a successful career.

Any mistake or negligence can cost a lot of time and money. While making a decision, a student has to keep a lot of factors in mind. Every individual is different and the selected course must lie in their interest.

Key Points to Remember While Deciding Courses After 12th in Commerce

  • Interest in the related subject plays a very important role Knowledge of the selected course helps in the long run
  • The financial cost associated with the course
  • The career prospects that the course offers
  • The decision should be made without any pressure from someone
  • Thorough research goes a long way

List of Courses Available in the Field of Commerce

Commerce students have an upper hand over other streams because there are so many fields that one can choose from. And not just the Commerce fields but the Arts fields too. So, to their advantage, they have a myriad of options. Let’s learn what all fields Commerce has.

Taxation – The process of imposing taxes on the citizens and business entities
Accounting – The process of recording all the financial transactions of an organization

Law- A set of rules defining the conduct or actions or formally recognized as binding
Management- A set of principles involved in the making of an organization

Finance– It is related to the management and study of monetary transactions
Insurance- It is a means of protection from financial loss.

Banking-It is an industry that handles financial transactions such as credit and cash flow.

The examination of financial information of any entity
Teaching- The act of helping people gain knowledge, competence, and virtue
Investment banking– The act of engaging in advisory-based financial transactions on behalf of individuals

There are so many other fields one can venture into if they are from a commerce background. There is always a greater scope of success if the right field is chosen and the right steps are taken thereafter. There are various professional courses (eg. CA, CS, etc) that a commerce student can take up.

But it’s always a good idea to Have a graduation degree. So here are some of the best courses in Commerce student can pursue-

1. Bachelor of Commerce (Honours) [ (Honours) (Hons) is one of the most popular choices among students. The duration of the course is 3 years during which one gets specialization in a specific subject like Accountancy, Economics, Business management. Many universities/colleges offer this course.

Delhi University is a popular choice and students work hard to score well in their 12th board exams so they can get into these colleges. Some colleges have a Cut-off system in which students are given admission based on their 12th exam scores. Some colleges also have entrance exams for the same.

2. Bachelor of Commerce ( is an intensive form of (Honours) and is also a common choice for students. Both courses involve the same subjects and span over 3 years. The only difference between the two is that does not offer any specialization.


However, both the courses are in equal demand with a minor difference in the cut-off lists. One can also pursue any professional course along with graduation. These courses can also be completed through correspondence and distance learning.

3. Bachelor of Arts in Economics (Honours) [B.A. Honors (Economics)

This course provides a specialization in Economics. If you are keen to learn more about the economy and find the basics interesting, this is the best fit for you. It helps you gain an in-depth knowledge of economic history, economic framework, plans, and implementation.

The duration of the course is 3 years and it is offered by numerous colleges. Having a bachelor’s degree in Economics can be beneficial if you are aspiring to crack the Civil Services exam and other competitive exams.

4. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA)

It is a 3-year long course which mainly focuses on the aspects of business management. If you pursue BBA, you will get a deep understanding of the various business models, principles, and organization. You also get to learn about finance, marketing, human resources, statistics, and many other aspects of the business.

You can also pursue an MBA in the desired field and work in business management. However, it is easy to get a job right after you complete your BBA degree. Many colleges offer this course and entrance exams are conducted for admission.

Besides, a few big colleges in India offer an integrated program (BBA+MBA). The duration of this program is 5 years and it is one of the most preferred options among students.

5. Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS)

This course is quite similar to business administration except for a few aspects. BMS is focused on both practical and theoretical aspects of management. Through this 3-year course, one can learn about the managerial and organizational skills required to manage a business.

There is a huge demand for people who are well-versed with the managerial, financial, marketing, and human resource concepts. And if you wish to study further and broaden your horizon, there is always the option of getting an MBA degree.

6. Bachelor of Law (LLB)

LLB is a course that enables you to become a lawyer. Earlier, you had to be a graduate to pursue LLB but not anymore. Many colleges/universities offer an integrated program just like BBA which lasts for 5 years. Not only do you get two degrees with one course but also save one whole year.

After you finish the course, you are officially a lawyer and are eligible to practice law. During the program, you get to study contract law, family law, corporate law, human rights law, property laws, labor laws, and many more.

7. Bachelor of Arts (English Honors) [BA (English Honors)

BA English Honours is a 3-year undergraduate program that can be pursued right after a student completes 10+2. If you love the English language and are interested in learning about the history and origin of it, this is the choice for you.

This course is offered by many colleges/universities. It involves reading literary novels and poetry to inculcate strong writing and reading skills. You can work as a content writer after you are done with the course. There is a huge market for content writers and you can earn good money if you are good at it.

Top Career Option After 12

You can also pursue B.Ed to become a school teacher. MA English is another option for people who wish to become professors or language experts.

8. Journalism & Mass Communication

If you want to be a journalist and want to do something creative, this is the course for you. Some colleges offer this as a graduation course which lasts up to 3 years and some also offer an integrated 5-year program which also includes a post-graduation degree. You can opt for the subject you want to specialize in. You can either become a writer or reporter.

Professional Courses After 12th in Commerce

We have covered Courses After 12th in Commerce but it would be very helpful for you if we talk about some professional Courses After 12th in Commerce because it depends on student to student to select their desired courses.

Chartered Accountant (CA)

This is one of the most reputed and difficult professional courses. This course paves way for a successful career in the commerce field. It is provided by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India(ICAI). The first is the foundation level which is comparatively easier to clear than the further levels.

The intermediate level (IPCC) and the final level, both consist of two groups each, are difficult to crack. Although it’s a 3.5-year course, the duration can vary for every individual.

CA allows you to get the theoretical and practical knowledge of Accountancy, Taxation, Corporate Law, and many other subjects. You can either choose to work for the corporate sector or open your practice.

Company Secretary (CS)

CS is also a widely popular option for commerce students after the 12th. This course is provided by The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. A company secretary plays a very crucial role in the administrative aspects of a company, especially with regard to compliance with statutory and regulatory norms.

Many people take up CA and Cs together as it is considered to be a good combination. A law degree along with CS also helps in the long run. You can opt for your practice or work in the corporate world.

Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)

This course is offered by the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of India (ICWAI). A cost and management accountant handles the cost accounts, manages the costing of products, and helps in planning the costs. You can open your practice or work in private or public companies.

The scope of a cost accountant is larger than it appears. You can opt for the desired field i.e. Operations, Production,Financial and Management.

The list doesn’t stop here when it comes to choosing a career option for a commerce student. The above-named courses are purely related to commerce and you should go for them if you have a good understanding of the various concepts.

Many courses are not related to commerce but lie on the creative side. Some of them are-

  • Fashion Designing
  • Animation
  • Hotel Management
  • Photography
  • Culinary Arts
  • Hospitality

You can certainly go for them even if you are a commerce student. At the end of the day, what matters is that you get to learn about something your heart lies in. Because when you like the course you are pursuing, it is fun and exciting and becomes a great learning experience at the same time. Benefits of Commerce Stream

It is very important to make the right decision. Your time and efforts are precious and we understand that. Through this blog, we hope you have got an idea about the normal & professional Courses After 12th in Commerce and we have tried to help you achieve your goals and do wonders in your career.

We wish you all the best in your future endeavors. These are the best courses After 12th in Commerce. Courses After 12th in Commerce

What are the best courses after 12th in commerce?, BA, BBA, Mass media and journalism, CA, CS etc are the best courses in commerce stream.

Is Commerce after 12th is a good career option?

Yes, if you are interested in the above mentioned courses after 12th in commerce then this is for you, There are more courses available with commerce stream.

Introduction To Coding For Kids | Best Coding Games & Programs

What is Coding for Kids?

What is coding for kids? To take the first step into the coding world, it is essential to understand what it is. In basic words, coding means the usage of computer programming languages to create web pages, applications, computer software, games, etc.

It is a way for us humans to communicate with the machines by giving commands on what actions to execute. It can be learn through coding games available for kids.

People speak different languages all over the world, similarly coding also consists of the use of different languages that are technical in nature. Coding is certainly becoming common and significant, especially for the youth.

Coding Program for Kids

Many schools have started teaching kids coding through innovative and fun methods. It is not a common concept in India yet, however, we will get there soon enough. A lot of you may wonder how a kid can possibly learn something as complicated as coding.

                 Best Coding Program for kids

As we all know, kids love playing online games and they’re also fast learners. Most schools that offer coding classes for kids start off by teaching them through popular games. Kids avoid doing things that may seem boring so introducing online games to challenge them is perhaps the most efficient way to teach coding.

Another question that arises is why kids need coding at such a young age. The answer is quite simple, learning coding at a young age will sharpen the mind of the child and it would be a positive step towards their future.

What Does Coding for Kids Include?

Children of grades 1 to 4 are so young so evidently, there is a fun way to go about it. The coding courses which are offered for such young children include:-

  • Animation and storytelling using coding
  • Coding through art and music
  • Logical programming using games

Through these, the kids learn the basics of coding. When it is the right time to go further, the kids advance to the next level which is for children of grades 5 to 8. The courses which are offered are more difficult as they include:-

  • AR Development
  • Android Development(app development)
  • 3D Coding and VR Development
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Web Development with HTML, CSS, JS

The courses mentioned above may seem challenging but the kids are guided in a proper manner which helps them learn and grow significantly. The kids of grade 9 to 12 obviously need something which is more thought-provoking and interesting.

So, the courses which are provided for them include:-

  • 3D Coding and VR game development
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • AR Development
  • Android Development
  • Web Development with HTML, CSS, JS

As you may notice, the course names are repeated. However, the younger kids are taught the basic level whereas the same courses which are offered to the older kids are way more advanced.

Top Coding Games for Kids

There are numerous coding games that kids can play online to learn to code. It clearly depends on the age as some games are far more challenging than others.

The beginner games are quite simple, once your kid understands the basic games, they can move onto the more challenging ones. If you are wondering what games are appropriate for your kids to learn coding, they will be
mentioned below.

  1. Candy quest
  2. Robots
  3. Art Studio
  4. Music Studio
  5. WeDo Coding
  6. Creative Coding
  7. Dragon Dash
  8. Debugger
  9. Mind Crafters
  10. Ninja Runner
  11. Counter Hack
  12. Python 1
  13. Python 2
  14. Crystal Clash
  15. Goblin Quest

The games which have been mentioned above are in order from easy to advance. Kids anyway love playing games so it is definitely better than they can learn something while playing games.

In India, coding is introduced in a much later stage so ask yourself, is it not better to teach your kids the basics from the very beginning? Other countries already offer a wide range of courses for young children, it is time for your kids to learn those courses as well.

Even if coding courses are not introduced in school yet, there are other ways to learn. There are plenty of websites that offer coding programs for children of all ages. The best part is, you can be there with your kids while they learn. You can find out what coding is, how it works, and at what level right from your home.

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Complete Syllabus of Indian Navy | Join Indian Navy Today

Join Indian Navy Today
The Indian navy is a naval branch of Indian armed forces. It is found on 5th September 1612 it is the pride of Indian armed forces. The headquarters of the Indian navy is located in New Delhi and it is under the command of the chief of the naval staff-Admiral. Indian Navy is the world’s seventh powerful navy whose main motto is to protect sea boundary from the invaders and to make peace and protect the Indian citizens. So, today we will talk about how to join Indian Navy and Syllabus of Indian Navy

In The Indian navy, there are many different-different types of posts and there are also the ranks and higher posts we will discuss in this blog. So to fulfill the dream of the youth going to the same positions, we will tell them in detail about the syllabus of the Indian Navy which will help them in moving forward.

How to Join The Indian Navy?

Indian Navy


6 steps to join the Indian Navy:

  1. MR and NMR (metric recruitment and non-metric recruitment): First your education qualification is 10th pass from any board CBSE, ICSE, or RBSE are no minimum percentage only thing is to want is just you 10th pass. There are 2 forms that come in June and December. In this, you got four hundred to five hundred posts.

Indian Navy 10+2 (B.Tech): This is for the B.Tech student science stream is compulsory and physics, chemistry, and maths is compulsory. In this minimum 70% marks are required and 50% marks in English are required otherwise you cannot apply for this And in the part of the Indian Navy also ask for it.

SSR (senior secondary recruitment): First you are passed from 12th PCM from any board CBSE, ICSE, RBSE it is your minimum education qualification and the age limit for doing this paper is from seventeen to twenty years and its form comes two times in a year that is June and December.

There is also no minimum percentage want it is a very good opportunity for those who want a very good job in the Indian navy.

AA (artificer apprentices): First you are passed from 12th PCM or PCB (physics and chemistry are compulsory) from any board CBSE, ICSE, or RBSE and your minimum percentage should be 60% and your age limit should be seventeen to twenty years. Indian Navy is a very good job which has a pay scale of thirty thousand to thirty-seven thousand.

MTS (multi-tasking staff/tradesman skilled): In this, you need two recruitments that is 10th pass or 12th pass. In this, you get two forms to fill and the age limit for this from seventeen to twenty years. It is a very good job if you apply for this you can serve in the Indian navy.

NDA (national defense academy): it is the best way to go to the Indian navy. It is an exam held by the UPSC (union public service commission) two times in April and September. Bypassing NDA you can easily pass all the entries we talk above. Your age limit should be 16 to 20 years and physics and mathematics is the compulsory subject.

In NDA only unmarried candidates can go but females (married or unmarried) cannot go. In this you will get trained for three years there you were sent to INA (Indian naval academy) and you will recruit as a sub-lieutenant post in the navy.

The basic salary would be 60,000 to 66,000 it is a very precious job you can go NDA after completing 10th and 12th no minimum percentage required and is in the syllabus of Indian navy.

So let’s talk about the minimum physical requirements to go in navy: first, your minimum height should be 157 cm (male) and 152cm (female) and you have to run 1.6 km in seven minutes and you have to do squats and push-ups 20 times and your vision should be 6 by 6 and if you are using specs so your vision should be 6 by 9 or 6 by 12

The highest-paid government job which the youth of today neglect, which will help them a lot in making their future.

Ranks, Insignia and Hierarchy And The syllabus of Indian Navy :

Indian Navy ranks are Divided into Three Parts :

1. Commissioned officer ranks:

Admiral of the fleet: It is the highest rank in the navy it is a very honor rank and no Indian officer is awarded from this rank. You can identify this rank by seeing the five golden strips and the first strip is wider than the other and on the first strip, there is an executive curl or loop.

Admiral Rank: This rank is given to the Indian navy chief and it is a four star rank and today Mr. Sunil lamba is in this rank. Its identity is four stars, cross pattern and swords.

Vice Admiral Rank: This is a third star IS rank of Indian navy. Its identity is national symbol, three stars, cross patterns and swords.

Rear Admiral Rank: It is two-star ranks and it is known as the lowest admiral rank. Its identity is a national symbol, two stars, a cross pattern, and the swords in the Indian navy.

Commodore Rank: It is come after rear admiral and come before captain rank. It is a one star rank and its identity is a golden wide strip and a circle on that.

Captain Rank: It is a senior officer rank which is equivalent to the Indian army coronal rank and Indian air force group captain rank. Its identity is golden medium-wide strip and the top strip contains an executive circle or loop and all the strips length is the same in the Indian navy.

Commander Rank: It is a seventh-highest rank in the Indian navy and it is equivalent to the Indian army senior lieutenant rank and Indian air force wing commander rank. Its identity is a golden strip with medium-wide three strips and in this, all the strips are similar in the Indian navy.

Lieutenant Commander Rank: It is also known as the first stage of senior officer rank. Its identity is a golden colour strip present in two similar strips and in the top strip, there is an executive curl and a loop in the Indian navy

Lieutenant: It is the second stage of a navy officer to grow who was commissioned. It is equivalent to Indian army captain rank and Indian air force flight lieutenant rank. Its identity is a golden medium-wide two strips and in the top strip, there is an executive curl or loop.

Sub Lieutenant Rank:  It is a first-rank given after commissioned in the Indian Navy as an officer rank. Its identity is a golden colour medium-wide strip and in this strip, there is an executive curl in the Indian navy.

Junior Commissioned Officer Ranks in the Indian Navy

Master Chief Petty Officer 1st Class: It is the highest rank in the JCO (junior commissioned officer ranks). Its identity is a golden medium-wide two strips and an anchor in moving lotus garland in the Indian navy.

Master Chief Petty Officer 2nd Class: It is the second-highest rank in the JCO (junior commissioned officer ranks). Its identity is a golden medium-wide strip and an anchor in moving lotus garland in the Indian navy.

Chief Petty Officer: it is the junior rank in the JCO (junior commissioned officer ranks). Its identity is an anchor in moving lotus garland and there is no strip in this rank in the Indian navy.

Other ranks:

Petty Officer: Its identity is two anchors and a national symbol in the Indian navy.

Leading Seamen: its identity is one anchor but seamen 1 and seamen 2 has no insignia in the Indian navy.

I hope that you have got what you wanted to know about the Indian Navy and Syllabus and thank you for giving us so much love, we will keep lying in front of you for similar information. Join Indian Navy today and serve for your country.

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