Best Courses After 10th | Science, Commerce Or Arts

List of Courses After 10th In Science Stream

Before covering today’s topic Lists of Courses After 10th let’s try to understand – Good education is a must for all irrespective of their gender, race, color, religion, economic status, etc. Nowadays people are aware and want their children to be educated enough to hold dignified positions in society.

Education acts as a driving force to inculcate good values, skills, beliefs, and moral habits and it also improves the overall personality of a person which includes the behavior and speech of a person.

The 10th standard is one of the most crucial junctures in a student’s life. Choosing the right stream is extremely important. If you are in 10th grade and confused about your stream or future aim, then you are at the right place.

We are here to help you by giving you options on which courses after 10th would be best for varied options and vast knowledge.

Before setting an aim in life, what holds significance is self-analysis. Here you are the best judge.

There should not be any family pressure or peer pressure for your career options. Before arriving at any conclusion related to your career, you need to explore your interests, skill sets, course fee, and above all your passion. 

First, You should explore courses after 10th which are available and suits you according to your interest.

Choosing the right stream in 11th standard and 12th standard is very crucial as it shapes a student’s life. There are three main streams courses after 10th known in our Indian education system i.e. Arts / Humanities, Commerce, Science ( Medical and Non-Medical). 

Regretting later for not choosing a course wisely that is not apt for you and have a glance at the options available beforehand. Here we go through the list of courses after 10th which are available to you –

Arts Stream Scope After 10th

The Art stream or humanities includes the study of ancient and modern languages, philosophy, history, geography, archaeology, literature, economics, anthropology, law, politics, art, etc. Those who choose humanities can become Teachers, Lawyers, professors and even go into Politics.

 Subjects in History will cover topics like Empires, Changing traditions, Early societies, paths of modernization. 

Subjects in Geography will cover topics like Climate, Water, The Earth, Fundamentals of Physical Geography, Life on earth. 

Subjects in Economics will cover topics like Microeconomics, Producer behaviour and supply, Interpretation, Consumer’s equilibrium and demand, Collection Organization and presentation of data, statics tools. 

Subjects in Psychology will cover topics like Thinking, sensory, psychology, human theory, human development, methods of inquiry in psychology, Attentional, and perception process. 

Subjects in Sociology will cover topics like social structure, culture, and socialization, Indian and western sociologist, environment and society.

After completing 12th Art Stream , you can go for the following courses like :

  • BA – Bachelor of Arts 
  • MA – Master of Arts 
  • BSW – Bachelor of Social Work 
  • MSW – Master of Social Work 
  • B.ED – Bachelor of Education 
  • M.ED – Master of Education 
  • Master of Philosophy 
  • P.hd – doctor of Philosophy 

Commerce Stream Courses after 10th

In the commerce stream, you will study trade and business activities such as the exchange of goods and services from producer to the final consumer.

For those who aspire to become a Chartered account, professor, bank PO, Teacher, Finance, Bank Manager, Manager, Marketing Manager, Stock Broker, Economist, Accountant executive, HR, Cost Accountant, then this is the perfect stream for you

The subjects in this stream are economics, accountancy, business studies, and statistics.

Subjects in Accountancy will cover topics like Introduction to accountancy, the base of accountancy, trial balance reconciliation, provision and reserves, depreciation, Preparation of Ledger, Recordings of transactions, Accounting for share Capital, Rectification of errors, Financial statement of a sole proprietorship. 

Subjects in Statistics will cover topics like Collection of data, Measures of Central Tendency, Organization of data, presentation of data, Measures of Dispersion, Index number.

Subjects in Business Studies will cover topics like Foundation of Business, Nature and Purpose of Business, Finance and trade, Public-private and global enterprises, Small business, internal trade, consumer protection, marketing management, financial markets, principle and functions of management.

Subjects in Economics will cover topics like Microeconomics, Statics tools, Consumer’s equilibrium, and demand, producer behaviour, and supply, interpretation, collection organization, and presentation of data.

After Completing 12th Commerce Stream , you can go for the following courses like :

  • – Bachelor of Commerce
  • – Master of Commerce
  • BBA – Bachelor of business administration
  • BCA – Bachelor of Computer Application
  • CA – Chartered Accountant 
  • Bachelor in Economics
  • BMS – Bachelor of Management Studies
  • MBA – Master of Business Administration
  • CS – Company Secretary and many more.

Science Stream Courses After 10th

The Science stream is divided into 2 branches, namely Medical ( Physics + Chemistry + Biology) and Non-medical ( Physic + Chemistry + Maths ). While Physics chemistry being the compulsory subjects in Medical and Non-Medical. 

Science stream is best for those who aspire to become Engineer, Doctor, Professor, Scientist, Pilot, Chemist, Nurse, Loco Pilot, Teacher and wants to join The Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, and many more. 

Subjects in the Non-medical stream are Physics, Chemistry, and Maths, and subjects in the Medical stream are Physics Chemistry and biology.

Subjects in Physics will cover topics like Physical-world and measurement, Gravitation, Oscillation and waves, Current electricity, Behavior of perfect gas and kinetic theory, Motion of a system of particles and rigid body, Thermodynamics, Kinematics, laws of motion, work, energy, power, Electromagnetic waves, Optics, atoms, and nuclei.

Subjects in Chemistry will cover topics like Basic concepts of chemistry, chemical bonding and molecular, Structure of atoms, Elements of periodicity, Chemical thermodynamics, Equilibrium, Electrochemistry, p-block, d and f block, Chemical kinetics, Elements, Biomolecules, Polymers, Alcohols, Carboxylic, Gases, and liquids.

Subjects in Maths will cover topics like Sets and functions, Coordinate geometry, Algebra, Statistics, Linear programming, Three-dimensional geometry, Probability, Calculation, Integration, Mathematical reasoning, Vectors.

Subjects in Biology will cover topics like The living world, Diversity of living organisms, Structural organization in plant and animals, Plant kingdom, Animal kingdom, Human physiology, Plant physiology, Cell structure and function, Structural organization in plant and animals, Technology and its applications, Genetics and Evolution, Biology and human welfare, ecology, and environment.

After completing 12th Science Stream , you can go for the following courses like :

  • BE ( Bachelor of Engineering ) / ( Bachelor of Technician )
  • ME ( Master of Engineering ) / ( Master of Technician )
  • B.Sc – Bachelor of Science
  • M.Sc – Master of Science
  • B.Ed-Bachelor of Education
  • M.Ed-Master of EducationP.hd-Doctor of Philosophy
  •  MBBS – Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery
  • BAMS – Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery
  • BDS – Bachelor of Dental Surgery
  • B.Pharm – Bachelor of Pharmacy
  • M.Pharm – Master of Pharmacy
  • Nursing
  • Veterinary Science
  • B.Sc – Bachelor of Science
  • M.Sc – Master of Science

Diploma In Engineering Courses After 10TH Standard

Diploma in Engineering course is 3 years long. There are various types of Diploma Engineering courses available for you. Written below are some of the best Diploma in Engineering Courses after 10th Class : 

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Fabrication Engineering
  • Automobile Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Production Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Petroleum Engineering
  • Mining Engineering 

After completing a degree in Diploma in Engineering program, students can secure admission directly into the second academic year of B.Tech (Bachelor’s of Technology) or B.E (Bachelor’s of Engineering). This scheme of entry is called Lateral entry

ITI Courses

Industrial Training Institute is also known as ITI offers job-oriented training programs. ITI focuses mainly to instil skills in students and train them to become a solid workforce so that they can easily find employment. The duration of this program is usually a year or two.

Here is the list of ITI courses available after 10th class –

  • Fireman and Disaster Relief
  • Quantity Surveyor 
  • Data Entry Operator
  • Airline Steward/ Stewardess
  • Mechanical Draftsman
  • Welding Technician
  • Food Processing
  • Corporate Housekeeping
  • Desktop Publishing
  • Civil Draftsman
  • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Technician
  • Food Technician
  • Chemical Plant Operator
  • Floriculture & Commercial Landscaping
  • Dairy Management
  • Agricultural Farm Management
  • IT and Electronics Maintenance Laboratory Technician
  • Hospitality Staff
  • Fashion Designing
  • Automobile Electrical Technician
  • Denture Maker
  • Facilities Management (old-age homes, hospitals, etc)
  • Legal/ Paralegal Assistant
  • Photography
  • Body & Beauty Care
  • Logistics Assistant
  • Nutrition Assistant
  • Horticulture
  • Baking & Confectioning
  • Medical Technician
  • Automobile Mechanical Technician
  • Dental Lab Technician
  • Caregiver
  • Event Management
  • Communications Equipment Technician 

Travel and Tourism

In India, Tourism Industry is booming. Job in this Industry can be highly adventurous and exciting and you can earn well in this industry. According to the World Travel Council research, the country has the fastest travel sectors in the world. Written below are some of the diploma courses in Travel and Tourism.

Best Travel and Tourism Courses available after 10th Class –

  • Diploma in Food & Beverage Management.
  • Diploma in Food & Beverage Production.
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management.
  • Diploma in Restaurant & Hotel Management.
  • Diploma in Food Technology.
  • Diploma in Nutrition.
  • Diploma in Catering and Catering Technology.
  • Diploma in Front Office & Reception Management.
  • Diploma in Hotel Stores Management.

Best Medical Courses

Since you can’t become a doctor after completing 10th standard but if you are really keen on making a career in the medical profession then written below are some of the best courses available after 10th standard

Indian Armed Forces

If you want to serve the country, then join Indian Armed Forces. The Indian Armed Forces offer a couple of courses when you enlist as a soldier. The duration of service and training can vary according to various rules and regulations in forces.

They have the best courses after 10th standard for those who are willing to serve their nation. 

  • Soldier (General Duty)
  • Soldier (Tradesman)

Certificate Paramedical Courses

Certificate in Dental Mechanics – is one of the best paramedical courses for those who are interested in designing dentures. If you are interested in the design and shape of dentures, then you can join this certificate course.

Certificate in Medical Laboratory Technology – is the best certificate paramedical course in the health care area related to Medical Laboratory Technology. This course is not expensive, and the duration of this certificate course is short.

Certificate in Operation Theatre Technology – is yet again one of the best certificate paramedical courses after 10th standard in medical and health care areas. For those who are interested to work with a doctor in the operation theatre room then this is the best course for you.

Certificate in Radiography – this is also a certificate paramedical course. In Radiography, it is the diagnosis process used to scan the internal organs and other human body parts by using imaging techniques.

Certificate in X-Ray Technology – is one of the most popular certificate paramedical programs after 10th standard in medical and healthcare areas.

Those who are interested in taking X-rays of various body parts like hand, leg, chest, lungs, pneumonia, joint, abdominal, bone, and many more then you may go for a bachelor’s in X-ray technology

Certificate in Medical Records Technology  is yet again one of the best paramedical courses in the healthcare field. For those who are interested in managing and maintaining medical records like cash flies, medical history diagnostic test results, and many more then this is the best course for you.

Certificate Courses After 10th

There are numerous certification programs available after 10th standard , some of them are mentioned below : 

  • Certificate in web designing
  • Certificate in ethical hacking
  • Certificate in Graphic design
  • Certificate in App development
  • Diploma in 2D and 3D Animations 
  • Certificate programme in MS-Office
  • Certificate course in ethical hacking 
  • Certificate course in SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Competitive Exams After Graduation

UPSC ( Union Public Service Commission ) Civil Exams for 

  • IAS ( Indian Administrative Service )
  • IPS ( Indian Police Service)
  • IFS ( Indian Foreign Service)

Banking exam for 

  • Bank PO ( Probationary  Officer )
  • Bank Clerk

 SSC Exam for

  • Income Tax Officer (CBDT)
  • Inspector (CBEC)
  • Assistant Audit Officer
  • Assistant in Ministry of external affairs (MEA)
  • Inspector (Central excise)(CBFC)
  • Inspector ( Preventive Officer )
  • Assistant Enforcement Officer (AEO) and many more.

Computer Programming Certificate Course

Nowadays computer knowledge has become a must in almost every sector and getting a job without any knowledge of computers is very difficult these days. These are some types of computer programming certification courses available such as 

  • Java, C++, C-language
  • Python, Software Development
  • Basic Computer Course
  • Course on Computer Concept
  • Computer Programming Certification Course

Some Courses on Computer Concept

This course on the computer concept (CCC) is the deep level of basic computer course. This certification course is approved by the government.

The duration of this course is of 3 months to 6 months and the fee varies from 3000 – 5000. In this course, you will learn about the following thing 

  • All the basics of computers plus download
  • Upload, payment
  • UPI, digital payment
  • Ticket booking
  • Online order and many more.

Basic Computer Course After 10th

This course is usually for those who don’t know anything about computers. The course duration is 3 months to 6 months and the fee of this course will vary from 2500 to 3000 approx.

After finishing this course, you can work as a computer operator in a Company, Mall or any other place where it is required. You will learn about the following topics in computers in this course:

  • Computer fundamentals 
  • Microsoft office
  • Powerpoint 
  • Wordpad
  • Ms-DOS
  • Internet searching 
  • Reaching online
  • How to send an email
  • Job searching online 
  • Computer networking 
  • Notepad 
  • Creating an email account 
  • Write a letter
  • Write a book
  • Typing 
  • Ms-excel 

Other Vocational Courses after 10th Standard

Vocational courses are basically industry-specific courses that train students with the skills for a particular profession. The skills can be learned by practical and theoretical learning. Some of the courses after 10th are mentioned below :

  • Banking and financial service course 
  • Diploma in Insurance and Marketing 
  • DTO ( Desktop Publishing) and Printing Technology 
  • Tourism and Travel Techniques Course 
  • Pre-school teacher training 
  • Dental Technician Course 
  • Hotel Operational Course 

CAT Courses After 10th 

CAT stands for Certified Accounting Technicians, students who have completed 10th standard are eligible to apply for the CAT course.

This program consist if the following sections :

  • Foundation of course, part 1
  • Competency part 2
  • Internship 

Students who have passed 10th standard are eligible for the first part that is the foundation of the course. They can continue 11th standard and 12th standard schooling after applying for this program.

How to Choose Best Stream/Courses After 10th

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.

Yes, You heard it right! Just one decision can change your life completely. Let’s compare it with every student who has completed his/her 10th standard and now it’s time to decide about his/her future. Everyone should know which is the best stream after 10 –

To find out what is best for you after completing your 10th – below you will find some amazing tips and advice, though you can choose the best Stream that would be the best fit for you.

Know Your Strengths, Weakness, and Aptitude

Know your strength weakness
Know Your Strength and Weakness

You must be aware of strength and weakness because this matters a lot to choose the best fit stream for you.

If you’re weak in any subject (physics, chemistry, maths, and biology), it would be hard to face the subjects in science Stream.

In a condition like this students can take the help online as well as regular aptitude tests to find out one’s ‘strength’ and ‘weakness’.

If you’re good at Economics and statistics, going with Commerce stream will prove beneficial for you.

Don’t think you can choose the best stream on the basis of Strength and weakness.

Find out Everything About Streams

So, you know everything you need to know about yourself (Strengths and weaknesses). But, you also must know about the streams i.e types of subject, difficulty level, and career path ahead. That would surely help to choose your desired stream more clearly.

Also, know about the education boards and choose the best one you think can help to build a successful career ahead.

After, doing all of this analysis you can conclude on the basis of these tips.

Do Educational Counselling

Who could know better than one who suffered through these conditions?  Yes, a qualified educational counselor would help you to find the best stream that suits you.

It’s good if you can access counseling facilities but don’t worry if don’t. Your teacher can be a good alternative because he/she has seen your performance in the last ten years.

He/she knows about your strengths, personality, and traits. This knowledge could be enough for them to be able to guide you further.

Follow Your Passion

Do you know what is the best thing in this world? ‘

              Doing what you love?  Yes, it is

Doing what you love will help you to be happy and to do something new. Even you can be a role model for other people.

So, think about your area of interest and note it down on paper. Make the list shorter and keep only those entries you really care about.

For detailed information click here: How to choose right career option

Go and meet people who’re already in that field

I think going to the workplace and meeting with people related to the career you’re interested in would be a good step to know about the work environment, about his/her work schedule, the journey of success, and also you can have answers to your doubts.

meeting with people in office
Meet With Maximum People

You can ask for his/her free time to discuss if you want in a more detailed way.

After this session, you will have a good idea about the job and now it’s your choice to decide. If you find it interesting you must go with it. Otherwise, don’t worry many more options are there.

Some Frequently Asked Questions After 10th 

Q. What are the Best Course after 10th standard?

A. there are a lot of options available to choose from after pursuing the 10th standard and it all depends on your interest. You can choose from Art / Humanities, Commerce and Science Stream or even go for Diploma Courses depending on your interest.

Q. which is the best courses after 10th ?

A. There are various options from which you can choose from like  11th and 12th PUC, Diploma in Engineering courses, ITI courses , Other Vocational Courses , certificate courses and many more.

Q. Is maths part of science ?

A. Yes , mathematics is one of the science stream subjects in PCM and other subjects along with maths are physics , chemistry , English and Biology.

Q. Which Are the Best Courses after 10th in Science Stream?

A. Some of the best courses after 10th in science are Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Biology (Optional) etc.

Q. What are the Best Courses after 10th in Commerce Stream?

A. Some of the best courses after commerce are CA, professor, bank PO, Teacher, Finance, Bank Manager, Manager, Marketing Manager, Economist, Accountant executive, HR, etc.

Fashion Designing Courses After 10th Standard | Fees, Career, Jobs

List of Fashion Designing Courses After 10th Standard

Fashion Design is the art of using the concept of design, aesthetics and technology to create clothing and accessories. In this article, you will be getting information about the Fashion Designing Courses After 10th standard

List of Fashion Designing Courses After 10th Standard

In India, the fashion industry is growing at a fast pace. The Indian Society is prepared to invest more in their attire and garments as they turned out to be exceedingly aware of the style statement.

These are some aspects that show that the fashion industry has a growing future in India and it is one of the most sought careers by girls.

Top 10 Courses After 12th in Commerce Stream

Not only it’s a demanding career field but also it’s a high paying job. To have a successful career you need skills with specific end goal as the fashion field isn’t that varied. Therefore, you are required to hone some skills and qualities that will help you in this field.

If you love fashion design then this is the best field for you to have a professional job oriented course. You will be getting more information and a better understanding of this course in this blog.

Skills Required for Fashion Designing Courses –

Having certain skills and qualities will allow you to flourish in this very field. To become a successful fashion designer, listed below are some primary requirements in this field after the 10th standard : 

Subjects & Courses After 10th In Science Stream

  • Creativity
  • Drawing skills
  • Strong visualization 
  • Fashion sense 
  • Networking skills
  • Presentation skills 
  • Decision making skills 
  • Knowledge of latest trends. 
  • Knowledge of fabric and style 
  • Technical skills such as cutting, knitting etc

Different Types of Fashion Designing Courses After 10th –

Students are not eligible to pursue a Bachelor’s Degree course after 10th standard. Therefore, there are only two options available after 10th standard and that are:

  • Diploma Course 
  • Certificate Course 

These happen to be the only course formats available for those who want to study fashion designing post 10th standard. Let’s check out some popular courses.

10 Competitive & Entrance Exams After 10th Class

List Of Diploma Courses in Fashion Designing After 10th

Diploma Courses – Diploma courses cover all the major aspects of fashion like the source of design or pattern inspiration and the production of an original prototype.

It also covers topics like designing, advertising, sales, marketing, merchandising etc. The admission criteria are different for different colleges of this diploma course.

Most of the private colleges offer direct admission on the basis of merit whereas some colleges like NIFT admit students on the basis of performance in personal interview and written exam. Written below are some of the diploma courses.

  • Diploma in Textile Design 
  • Diploma in Fashion Design 
  • Diploma in Leather Design
  • Diploma in Visual Merchandising 
  • Diploma in Fashion Technology 
  • Diploma in Retail Merchandising 
  • Diploma in Apparel Design 
  • Diploma in Jewellery Design

List Of Certificate Courses in Fashion Designing After 10th 

CERTIFICATE COURSES – The certificate course is a one-year long course in fashion designing. It is on the same level as the diploma course and covers all the elements including the origination of an idea to the production of an original prototype.

The main aim of the certificate course is to polish the design and conceptual skills of the student. By pursuing the certification course,  the candidate will get more knowledge about sewing, colours, patterns, textile etc. Written below are some of the certificate courses in fashion designing.

  • Fashion Design 
  • Leather Design
  • Accessory Design
  • Textile Design
  • Footwear Design
  • Jewellery Design 


  • National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Delhi Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai etc.
  • Pearl Academy, Delhi 
  • Institute of Marangoni, Mumbai 
  • Indian Institute of Fashion and Animation, Bangalore
  • Apeejay Institute of Design (AID), Delhi 
  • LISAA school of design, Bangalore 
  • Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore
  • Wigan and Leigh college India, New Delhi
  • JD Institute of Fashion Technology, Delhi
  • Sophia SBKS Polytechnic, Mumbai 
  • International Institute of fashion design, New Delhi
  • Amity University, Noida 

For getting admission to one of these fashion designing colleges/institutes, you need to clear 10+2 or 12th standard. After completing 12th, you are required to prepare for entrance exams like NID 2021, NIFT 2021 for admission to the fashion courses.

Top 30 Courses in Arts stream after 10th

You can also prepare for UCEED 2021 and CEED 2021 and other entrance exams. 


Most of the Reputed fashion design institutes/colleges have 10+2 or 12th standard as the minimum educational qualification required to secure an admission.

 In my opinion, I would suggest you complete your 11th and 12th schooling and then apply for colleges or institutes.

After the completion of the 12th standard, you will be eligible to pursue under graduation degree courses like B.Design – Fashion design, a 4 year under graduation course. – fashion Design, a 3-year graduation course. B.Design – fashion communication, again a 4 year under graduation course.

Which One is Best Stream After 10th in 2020

After doing Under graduation you can also study further and do post-graduation. – Fashion Design and M.Design – Fashion Design, the duration of both of these post-graduation courses are of 2 years.

These Bachelor’s degree courses are more valuable than Diploma and Certificate Programs. 


Depending upon the course, some job profiles available are-

  • Fashion Designer 
  • Stylist 
  • Merchandiser 
  • Textile Designer 
  • Event Coordinator 
  • Fashion forecaster 
  • Creative designer 
  • Fashion photographer 
  • Sales manager 
  • Technical designer 
  • Store manager 
  • Apparel production manager 
  • Fabric quality manager 


Q. What does a Fashion Designer do?

A.  A fashion Designer basically selects fabrics, patterns and sketch designs. They conduct research on fashion trends and create clothes as per the trend and market predictions. 

Q. How much do Fashion Designers earn ?

A. Since we know that the fashion market is one of the best-earning markets in the world so at first you may assist any famous designer and earn an amount ranging from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000 per month in India.

After having some experience in this field, you may earn from Rs. 35,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month in India.

Q. Can I Pursue a career in fashion Designing after 10th standard ?

A. yes, after 10th standard, you can pursue a one-year diploma course in Fashion Designing. 

Q. What are the subjects in this fashion Design course ?

A. In Fashion Design, you will be studying different modules related to three aspects of fashion design and those aspects are designing, manufacturing and selling your product as well in fashion designing. 

Q. How many years does it take to complete the course?

A. It usually takes 3 years to 4 years to the year of duration to complete a full-time fashion designing course.

Q. What does a Fashion Design intern do?

A. A fashion design intern helps to dress models, provide staff with drinks, locate accessories, assist a fashion designer and field phone calls and run any additional errand to help keep the shoot scheduled and also sometimes manages event as an assistant.  

Q. How much do fashion interns get paid? 

A. The salary can vary but an average salary for a fashion design intern in India is from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 12,000 per month 

Q. Is there any limited age for a person to pursue a career in fashion design? 

A. No, there is no limited age for a person to pursue a career in fashion design. If you love fashion then this is the best course available for you.

Top Interview Questions Asked in Whitehat Jr for Teacher & Sales Manager

Interview Questions Asked in Whitehat Jr for Teacher

Well, You’re here because you have applied for a teaching job at whitehat Jr careers or might looking to apply for it. But like other people don’t know how hard is the interview process and what are the Whitehat Jr interview questions for teacher and sales manager.

Whitehat Jr Reviews

Many people have shown interest in the Whitehat Jr teacher job and many have got this. There are 3 rounds in total for whitehat Jr teacher interview process. So, without wasting the time let’s get directly to Whitehat Jr Teacher Interview questions

All Whitehat Jr Teacher Interview Questions

List of Interview questions for teacher at whitehat Jr –

Top 10% of candidates are selected from the entire batch of candidates.

  • Do you have prior teaching experience?
  • Are you good at English?
  • Do you have enough patience to handle kids?
  • What’s your educational background?
  • Do you have exposure to coding?
  • How many years of experience you have in Coding?
  • What is a function?
  • How well you connect with students in your own way?
  • Why should we hire you?
  • Do you know how to code and if yes then name the languages
  • why do you want to work with white hat jr?
  • What is troubleshooting
  • They asked to do a demo class 
  • About my background and qualifications in the initial screening
  • What do u know about troubleshooting camera and audio in various devices?  
  • asked me to write code to change the colour of the button and screen when the button is clicked.
  • Ready to work at least 30 hours a week?
  • Self-introduction, highest qualification & work experience
  • Navigation on Windows and MAC OS via CMD?
  • Troubleshooting any app if it is not working?  

Whitehat Jr Sales Manager Interview Questions

Below listed are the list of questions asked in Whitehat Jr sales manager Interview questions. Please have a read –

  • Tell me about yourself. 
  • You have a degree in Finance, then why sales?  
  • If given an opportunity what will you choose? sales or core finance?  
  • Why whitehatjr? 
  • About my self in brief and how does this job suit me?  
  • What are your biggest strengths?
  • how well you handle yourself in objection handling.
  • how to convince parents to provide a solution to their issues and buy a coding classes plan
  • Sales Script preparation and situation handling questions?  
  • Are you comfortable Relocating to Mumbai?
  • What is your role at the other company?
  • What do you know about the white hat?  
  • Can You arrange a laptop on your own?
  • Tell me about yourself?
  • Work experience?
  • About the company I have worked in and how I worked there? Sales targets.
  • Sell me the course 
  • Sales Pitch Mock call?
  • Why Sales?
  • Take me through your profile?
  • You are not from a sales background, why do you want to apply for a sales post?
  • How would you convert a candidate from a trial class to a full-time class?


NOTE – These questions are collected from different websites where the interviewee has posted the questions asked to them. There are only fewer questions are available, prepare yourself for the whitehat jr interview questions, don’t just rely on these questions.

Best Coding Games & Programs

These questions are combinations of all 3 rounds including Hr round, technical round, and manager round. I hope you have found some important questions to cover. Don’t forget to leave your feedback and do share with your needy friends.

Whitehat Jr Reviews | Is This Course for Your Kids?

Note – Before Going further please note that I have tried my best to provide you best possible information about What is Whitehat jr, who can register for these coding courses, whitehat jr reviews, price, login dashboard, and much more. Grab a cup of coffee and read carefully because this article can make your kids’ future for sure.

Enrol for a FREE TRIAL class for your kid Below –

With each grade a child passes, the previous ambition passes with it and a new one comes along. Often when kids are asked “What do you want to become?” and their answer seems unconventional, we say “Oh, It’s too early for that.”

Well, guess what? Just like it’s never too late, it’s never too early.

Update – Many people were facing issue in finding whitehat jr student and teacher login dashboard so, we have attached the link to login in last.

Complete information about Coding for Kids and different coding program.

Coding and programming is one such unconventional thing for a kid to engage in. Learning to code is learning to create and innovate. Ultimately, that is what we try to introduce to our kids in their early life. Here’s what does exactly that. WhiteHat Jr.

What is Whitehat Jr?

WhiteHatJr is an initiative by the alumni of Google, BCG, Discovery Networks, IIM Banglore, and IIT Bombay that provides live online coding for kids. I mean, who would’ve thought. Kids. Learning to code. Online.

WhiteHat Jr is a platform for kids where they can learn how to code. It is founded by startup by Karan Bajaj, an Indian-American businessman, that was launched in December of 2018.

The organization, recently bought by BYJU’s for $300 Billion, reported 400,000 engaged students as of 2020. But It’s success only depends on the reviews of people who are using it already.

Whitehat Jr is a coding platform for children aged 6 yrs to 18 yrs old to learn to program. Children are encouraged to create games, animations, and applications. The organization functions on a 1:1 online teaching format and follows a thorough curriculum. 

Their subjects range from data structure, app, and game development to machine learning and space technology.

Why WhiteHat Jr Started?

WhiteHatJr. was created with an aim to bridge the gap between the requirements of the new world and our children’s skills considering that in this computer age, not even 1% of schools teach coding in early childhood.

The organization is supported by a user-friendly website. Two things are made very clear as soon as you step into their online space.

  1. No promotions ever. Whitehat Jr coding platform promise to not use the contact details and personal data provided to them for any promotional or irrelevant purpose other than the child’s progress report or similar.
  2. We’re Mission-driven, not money-driven.’ They have a cancel-anytime and Same-day-100%-refund policy. No questions asked.

Indeed, honesty is the best policy and confidence is key. These conditions are totally appealing.

Whitehat Jr Demo Class & Curriculam

At WhiteHat Jr, They let the child be the scriptwriter, the director, and the actor in his own play. WhiteHat Jr. offers limited but detailed and specific courses. But, before we go there, one to-do is to sign up for a demo class.

Why You Should SignUp for Whitehat Jr Demo Class?

This demo class will give you and your child a heads up about whether or not engaging in coding interests your child.

The demo class is what we admire the most. It is an hour-long demo wherein the child gets a hands-on experience of coding. The demo takes the child through an app development using block programming.

Now, block programming is a language that is way easier than traditional text-based languages like Python and Java. It is used to teach children how to create basic programs and make them understand programming. 

The actions in block programming are cut down into blocks that are then represented in the form of icons that can be dragged around to reorder actions. The graphical representation of the code demonstrates the process of new users who may be unfamiliar with programming. Cool, isn’t it?

Whitehat Jr Fees Structure

Whitehat Jr fee structure is different for each course available and is categorized as beginner, intermediate, advanced, and professional. A beginner is designed for grade 1 students, intermediate for students of grade 2-3, advanced for students between grade 4-6, and professionally suited for grade 7-12 students.

This Whitehat Jr coding course is a must for a 6-12 yrs old kid.  Out of all the courses WhiteHat Jr has to offer, here’s what we’ve curated for you.

  • Introduction to coding – This course consists of 8 classes in total. This is a beginner level course. It covers Sequences, Algorithms, Variables, Functions, and Events of coding. It introduces logical thinking to the students through activities that enable students to create their own games and basic apps. This course is priced at Rs. 5,999 currently.
  • App Developer Certificate – This particular course has 48 classes available. It revolves around animations, game designs, and advanced app structures. With the help of creating interactive apps with deep UX/IU interface, understanding of programming functions is initiated. The child gets a glimpse of creative entrepreneurial expression. On completion, a certificate is rewarded. The course is priced at Rs. 33,999 at present.

Advanced Coding with Space-Tech – This course consists of 144 classes in total. It is an advanced level course. The child is made familiar with data models, space-tech, and artificial intelligence through commercial ready utility apps and advanced space stimulations. The child also learns of data spatial visualization perceptively. This course has lifetime accessibility. Currently priced at Rs. 99,999, this course covers it all.

What I personally think it Whitehat Jr fees structure is a little bit lengthy but when we look at courses and the efforts taken by teachers to teach a kid who doesn’t know anything is superb. We should agree with Whitehat Jr fees structure.

Whitehat Jr Reviews

We have introduced what is whitehat Jr, its courses and curriculum, whitehat Jr fees structure so, now its time to reveal whether is it a good coding course for your kids or not? I haven’t put my personal experience here I am attaching some comments made by general people. Let’s have a look at the Whitehat jr reviews –

Whitehat Jr reviews | Whitehat Jr fees structure | Whitehat Jr Price
Whitehat Jr reviews | Whitehat Jr fees structure | Whitehat Jr Price

What is Whitehat Jr reviews | Whitehat Jr fees structure | Whitehat Jr Price

I had arranged demo classes for my Niece and she is loving it. Soon Will create her own app.

Enroll for a FREE TRIAL class for your kid

Different Type of Coding Courses Covered and Curriculum

The Coding course curriculum is broken down in 144 classes as shown below.

After all these years of parents trying to keep their kids away from devices and games, they will be inventing and creating exactly those. WhiteHat Jr. has proven that technology is not all that bad when used right. With the best of teachers and the most beneficial technology, WhiteHatJr. has created something incredible. Whitehat Fees structure is also good as compared to their

How to Login in Whitehat Jr As Student and Teacher? 

Whitehat Jr Student Login

Once you have registered on WhitehatJr then you need to login to student login for your kid to access courses and manage his/her class. Then, it’s important for you to know how the whitehat jr student login portal and its link to login.

Don’t get confused in login and signup, you always have to go for student login. Only once we have to signup for any website. Link to Whitehat Jr Student Login is here – Login Here

Whitehat Jr Teacher Login

Whitehat Jr has different login portals for both teacher and student. If you are a teacher then you have to log in from Teacher’s login portal. Basically, it counts the no. of hours a teacher has given to a student and how many students he/she has attended according to their schedule.

So, if you are looking for a whitehat Jr teacher login link then its here – Login As Teacher


It is a platform where enthusiastic teachers are met with equally curious and cute students. It is a win-win for all its users, be it students or teachers. I Hope these Whitehat Jr reviews helped you in your decision. It is a big scale startup by Byju’s leading online learning platform for kids.

You should go blindly and take a free demo class and decide whether your kids love it or not? The final decision is all yours. What I can suggest is to trust Whitehat Jr.

Want Your kid to make his/her own AppRegister here and Get up to 10% OFF in Whitehat Jr fees.

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