A Brief History of Special Education Law

Brief history of special education | what is special needs education

Before starting about the history of special education law first talk about What is special needs education –

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What is Special Needs Education?

When it comes to special education, you may have an image of disabled students seating in a different classroom from the students of his age. There might be some special teachers who use different techniques to educate them.

Aim of special education is helping students with disabilities learn. Even seating with their normal peers in same classroom.

Special needs education is all about educating children who are differ mentally, physically, and socially from an average so that they require modification of usual school practices. Special education deals with students with behavioral, emotional, and cognitive impairments.

History of Special Education Law

Let’s get into the history of special education laws for students with disabilities having an understanding of these laws will benefit both special education teachers and the parents of their students. First Special Education Law is –

Elementary and Secondary Education Act (1965)

Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 includes provisions to include free and reduced lunch program initiatives that are designed to help low-income families.

Also, supports an increase in the number of teachers in low-income areas there was president Lyndon b Johnson that pushed for the flexibility and funding to local districts lunch provisions are built upon the National School Lunch Program.

it started in 1946 by Harry Truman this law aimed to give educational and financial support to the children that needed it most.

Vocational Rehabilitation Act and Section 504 (1973)

The big takeaways from this law here are that it prohibits discrimination against students with disabilities in terms of federal funding.

It also provides a definition for the term appropriate education educators, in particular, may pay attention to the part section 504. 504 ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to education

Educational Amendments Act (1974)

Well, it gives students and their families a right to due process for special education cases and it stands for giving federal funding for gifted and talented students.

In fact, the office of the gifted and talented was initially housed within the US Office of Education, and given official status, federal funds are given to States for programs with exceptional learners.

Education for all Handicapped Children Act (1975)

This special education law is one of the most important laws. Defining the least restrictive environment mostly called the LRe in Kayson the IEP.

IEP stands for individualized education programs.

It requires free and appropriates public education for all and this begins for ages 5 through 18.

The least restrictive environment is first defined here and it is understood that children with disabilities should spend as much time as possible with their non-disabled peers.

Education of handicapped acts Amendment (1986)

The best thing was about this special education law that it was extended to children from 3 years to 5 years earlier it began at 5 years.

The benefits of early intervention for children with disabilities was birth to 3 years old.

This law created the toddler programs and handicapped infants and totally aimed at children with disabilities and other developmental delays.

American with Disabilities Act (1990)

This special education law helps disabled people by prohibiting discrimination towards them in the workforce.

Also, it was focused on providing equal opportunities to a broad no. of people in employment accommodation, transportation, and many more services.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act idea (1990)

Going to accomplishments by this act is a transition program that started at the age of sixteen only. Bilingual education programs extend special education services to include rehabilitation, social work, more.

Why Education is important for our life and society

Student Confidentiality programs are more focused on helping children to get jobs when they get out of school and can keep their own morals and confidence high.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (1997)

This law included mediation to fix the difference in general education. Teachers are part of the IEP team. Disabled students can take state tests of behavior management plans.

Being a part of IEP team teachers can take action if students are expelled from general education with mainstream and inclusion.

Mediation is important for both parents and schools when they cannot commit to mutual agreements disabled students will take standardized tests.

DEA Improvement Act (2004)

IDE is known for the higher standards for special education teacher certificate and license funding to early intervention services.

Additional Funding and early interventions help in getting close to achievement gaps and special education teachers are better as compared to the previous conditions.

Every Student Succeeds Act (2015)

It provides more control to states in doing more testing and knowing about the consequences for low performing students.

As an alternative assessment, this law has provided bully prevention plans. According to study students with disabilities face bullying behavior.

Schools are responsible to prevent such discrimination of bullying towards disabled students. Schools must protect the special education student’s law.

Pennsylvania Association of Retarded Citizens

This Special Education Law says that states cannot deny mentally retarded children access to free public education.

State schools must provide sufficiently but not the best possible education under faith free and appropriate public education.

Mills V the Board of Education

According to this special Education law, schools must provide required services for children to attend schools at no cost.


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