Please upload your resume to You have read it many times in the newspaper, job portals, publication or on any website. Do you ever try to know what is a resume and its purpose or CV meaning? Don’t worry today we will discuss resume and its purpose. Wait to know the tips for writing resume in the last –

What is a Resume?

What Is a Resume and Its Purpose | tips for writing resume

A CV meaning is the same as a resume. Its a type of document which summaries your education, skills, work experience and achievements. We always need a resume for job openings that don’t matter in which field the job is.

It summarizes the most important information an employer needs to know when they looking to hire a new person. A resume is required as part of a job application and it decides whether an applicant is a suitable candidate for an interview.

What Should Be Written On a Resume

Resume Checklist

Candidate Information – Candidates’ name, address, email and phone numbers.

Education – the HIghest level of education completed

Summary of Qualifications – Relevant and impressive qualifications for the desired post, most of the presented at the top of the page, and directly under the contact information.

Work History – Present and past employment, including companies, job titles dates, and relevant skills and accomplishments.

Technical Skills – Skills that you have learned like( Ms-Excel, office, PowerPoint)

You can also include your courses, achievements, and extra activities.

What Is the Purpose of a Resume

The purpose of a resume is like “self-advertisement”. It has your whole experience on a page. Since your resume is a primary tool in your job search, Therefore, you must be very careful while writing.

Your resume is the most important piece of your job application. It gives the hiring manager an overview of the qualifications you have for the job and land for an interview.

During the interview, they will elevate your skills for the job requirements and notice how well you are fitting in their team/company.

Who Needs a Resume?

Nowadays traditional pattern for applying for jobs has been changed completely whether it’s a low post or high post job.

You need a resume if you want or looking for a job. Companies don’t rely on handwritten application forms. It could be a plus point for you if you don’t have good handwriting. Just Joking! 🙂 Submitting a typed resume would be a good idea.

What are Different Types of Resume

There are some basic types of resume can be used to apply for job openings. Each resume is used for different purposes. There are some resume tips to write it. You can follow these. Top 3 resume templates are –

Chronological- In this template, work history is listed in reverse chronological order. It focuses more on dates and titles.

Functional – This format focuses more on accomplishments, and skills not on titles and dates.

Hybrid/Combination – This template is a mix of both the above resume types. According to people, this is the most versatile format for individuals. They feel that this format is best for applying for jobs.

For detailed information visit Different Type of Resume

Top 3 Tips for Writing Resume

  • Review Similar Resume Examples – Don’t forget to have a look at resume examples in your industry. Nowadays it is easily available on google. Many people have shared their resume at Google and LinkedIn. Go and find that.
  • Use Most Relevant Information – Always keep in mind that never ever use irrelevant experience or skills in resume. Hiring managers only spend 10-15 seconds on a resume so be clear and concise. Use the most important information first
  • Modify Resume According to Roles and Responsibilities – Not every company has the same roles and responsibilities so you can’t just go with the same resume everywhere. Always try to modify the resume according to their resume.


Finally, you get an idea about what is a resume and its purpose. Also, its types too.

Please DO share with your friends let them know the CV Meaning and comment below if you have any questions. Please share your experience below 🙂

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