Do These Steps Before You Start Your Internship.

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Congratulations! on being selected as an intern. Everyone wants to hear that But do you know what to do before you start your internship?

I still remember the day when I was got selected for an internship in a consulting company. But the day comes when I had to go to the company for the first time I was so nervous. I didn’t even know what to say and what to ask?

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I faced a lot of problems because I didn’t study well before joining. So, these are some pieces of advice I want to share with you. In last you will able to find “what to do before you start your internship” –

Things You Need To Know Before You Start Your Internship –

Know About the Commute and Dress Code

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“The first impression is the last impression”. I think no one wants to get late on the very first day any company. Therefore, you must know about the route to your office and how to commute.

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I will recommend you to go to your office one day before when no one is at the office. It could be best at night time and you will get to know everything. You can also use google maps if you find it hard to visit earlier.

Nowadays, companies don’t ask for a particular dress code for employers or interns. but some companies restrict certain fabrics and cuts. Take some time to look over the employee handbook and find out what you are in for.

If you have any doubts whatsoever in what you’re supposed to be wearing, dress up. No one ever talked badly about the newbie for looking way too professional on their first day.

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Take a Look Over Company’s Mission

On your very first day, you will be meeting a lot of people. The info you have memorized for your interview will come in handy if asked about the company and where you fit and why you chose it.

Hopefully, you’re familiar with what your company does but it will mean a lot to your coworkers to know that you are excited to be a part of their team and passionate about the company’s mission.

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Don’t forget to look Over Your Job Description

There are chances that you got your job offer a month ago so, don’t forget to go back and brush up on required skills you haven’t used in a while. You can take help of videos available online on youtube.

Go over some basic skills whether you are already familiar or not. you are going to practise them again.

Review the Company’s Website

Take some time to review and learn about the company, Its services, and products. Also, look at employees who currently work there. You can also look at the LinkedIn profiles of your mentor and supervisor to get more info. about them.

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Try to meet each and every people and introduce yourself it will help you to get more about them. Going forward and meeting co-workers will establish personal and professional relationships.

Things You Must Bring With You

Identification Documents – You might need some of the documents like bank a/c, social security number, and passport for some paperwork. Show them that you are fully prepared with all the necessary information.

Water Bottle – Never ever forget to bring a water bottle with you. You might feel awkward asking for plastic cups which are totally wasteful. Go green

Notebook and Pen – These two are important things to wrote down everything because you won’t be able to store all the information thrown at you. If you have all the info. in writing, you can look back whenever you want.

Pen and notebook
Pen and Notebook image

You can include anything else you think is important. So, now you know everything that what to do before you start your internship


I hope these tricks help you feel more confident on the first day of your new internship. Remember why you got the position, and live every day like it’s a job interview.

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Tips To Turn An Internship Into a Job

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Everyone wants to get recruited as full-time employees employers on an internship. Even companies or organizations do the same so, they can recruit new employees. If you’re at this stage then you must have known some tips to turn an internship into a job.

An internship is a good way for students to gain experience and learn more about their dream career, a field of interest. It also gives them an idea about how well they gonna fit in the culture of the organization.

finding an Internships help employers save their money, recruiting time, and efforts because internship could be a proving ground for the hiring process.

If you are looking for how to change your current internship into a job or maybe in future then these tips to turn an internship into a job will surely help you –

Get Connected

Most of the companies have a discussion with their interns before they leave to return to school. Always be the one who keeps in touch every time. these types of interns are likely to be remembered and placed on or before graduation.

Make a Good Impression

As an intern, it’s your responsibility to show your senior and others within the organization that you have what it takes, both professionally, and personally to fit in with the corporate culture.

You should learn about the mission of the organization and what it values. Its employees can provide essential information on how the company identifies and defines success. This will help you to get internship offer letter.

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Build Network

Establishing good relationships with not only those on their direct team but outside of the department. The interns must understand the power of networking & make it a point to leverage it.

Interns are the ones who have the greatest success. Be intentional about keeping in contact with persons you have added to your network during your internship.

Show Initiative

Taking interest in developing new skills and knowledge relevant to the position. Therefore, it will boost the employer’s confidence in your initiative and willingness to do a job.

Be an enthusiastic attend seminars and workshops it will increase your understanding of the business. Also, it will make a favorable impression on your supervisor.

Develop Professional Goals

Firstly, Identify and find an internship that meets your expectations will be more beneficial for you. This will help in your skill development and career aspirations.

Internships are designed to prepare applicants for careers and future jobs. Finding an internship that will help you get your professional goals. It will also assist you in being a more competitive candidate in your job search.

Complete your work on time

This could be the best impression on your supervisor in any organization. You must make sure that you should meet the work deadline. Also, notify your supervisor and ask for any input. Don’t forget to provide a valid reason if you’re unable to complete it on time.

Asks For More Work

When you are free and you don’t have any work to do. Be sure to check with your supervisor for more work. If there is nothing for you, check if you can assist others in getting their work completed. It may help you to learn some new skills.


Everyone wants to turn his/her internship into a job and these above-mentioned tips will surely help you.

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Best Ways To Find An Internship

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Looking for an internship but don’t know how to find an Internship. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Finding an internship requires some planning and research for finding the best internship opportunities. The more you do efforts more results you will get.

image for Best ways to find an internship

You can find an internship through online websites, networking, attending career fairs, and online advertising. So, let’s begin with some best ways to find an internship

What is an Internship?

Write A Strong Resume

Before searching for an internship, you must have a strong resume. This is going to help you a lot in getting selected. Another thing is your resume should be well-structured and looks professional.

Many online websites are available to help you in building a resume. If, you don’t know what to mention.

Focus more on building your resume first. If you don’t have any work experience, it may be worth it to consider work experience before attempting an internship.

You can mention work, projects, POR (Position of responsibility). There are the least chances of getting an Internship without work for any experience.

Start Looking Early

You must start looking early for finding an internship. Most industries or companies have early deadlines and recruit and hire early.

Beginning your internship search during winter/summer break affords your additional time to take for an internship.

Make some connections with alumni, seniors, or professionals within the organization. They could suggest some companies or tips to find an internship best suited for you.

How to choose the right Career option

Know Your Career Interest

You won’t be able to get full profits from an internship if you don’t know what exactly I need to do. It is very important to know your field of interest.

Do you want to work in social sectors making a difference for society, country, or the world? You want to work in a digital marketing company to deal with all the marketing strategies of a company.

An internship will help you to exposure to opportunities and finding exciting career fields.

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Your Network

You can get help from friends, family, faculty, career counsellor, college advisors, seniors, and alumni of your college. They can help you with what type of Internship you want, where and when you want to do it.

Your college alumni and doing informational interviews can provide you with overall information on career options you can pursue as an internship program.

Make sure, you first ask them about their free time so they can share their time and give you some expert advice. Don’t forget to thank them.

Keep An Eye On Online Resources

You can contact your career service office or Internship division to see if they have any recommended internship resources.,, and LinkedIn is also the best place to start your search. If you have any specific organization/company you can look at their websites.

You can apply through it if it is available on their website. You can take the help of ads in your local newspaper to find employers who may be looking for hiring an intern.

Attend Career Fairs

Image for Best ways to find an internshipContacting your Career Service Office at your college about internship fairs occurring next. It would be best if going to held in winter or summer break.

You must be prepared for a short introduction that briefly describes your skills, experience, interests, etc. A good introduction can put the first impression on the top employers who are recruiting talented interns.

Always follow up with recruiters you speak with at the fair.

Discussing With Employers

This can be a great idea if you know some people/ relatives working in the companies/field of interest. Be in contact with your college alumni that can inform you whenever there is any vacancy for interns. Once you got the opportunity you can contact through person to person or telephonic interview.


Take care of these amazing tips and this will help you to get your dream internship. Please do comment and share with your friends who are looking for an internship.

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