Why Education is Important | Impact on Society

why education is important | types of education | why do we need education

Everybody always stresses the fact that education is extremely important in one’s life but do we really know What is Education and why education is important? Also, we will be talking about the 10 Most Educated Countries in the World in the last.

Cattleya, an Indian philosopher royal advisor and professor of economics and political science talked about the importance of education some 2000 years ago according to Nelson Mandela education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world. Lets come to

What Is Education ?

EDUCATION can be described as the process of facilitating learning or acquisition of values skills, knowledge, beliefs, and habits.

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It can also be defined as the wise hopeful, respectful cultivation of learning undertaken in the belief that all shall have the chance to share in life.

Whatever we do in our lives and we are proud of it comes from education. It could come from anywhere like home, school, friend, neighbor, or maybe some strangers.

Education is something that makes us literate about how to see and react. For some people what is education might be a normal question but if explains everything about you.

Why Do We Need Education?

Education gives us knowledge and it develops in us a perspective of looking at life it helps us form opinions and develop our own point of view.

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What are Different Types of Education

Types-of-Education | Why education is important | Why do we need education

Formal Education

Education can be of any type. A person or child gets an education from school, family, and his/her personal experience. If one is educated he or she is well aware of their right, law, and responsibilities towards society.

Formal Education is often given to a small child, who is in nursery or kindergarten. It starts from nursery to till secondary education. Both students and teachers both know that they are here to engage in education.

In Formal Education teachers are important as they play an important role in student life. Here coming the next types of education –

Informal Education

Informal education comes after formal education when a child becomes older and start learning new things from his parents. A good example of informal education is a parent guiding his child in flying kite.

Basically, when a child is learning outside of school would be counted as Informal Education. It’s not a part of school or colleges. Learning new things from books is also a part of Informal education.

Non-Formal Education

The third types of education are Non-formal education includes adult basic education, adult literacy education, or school equivalency preparation. Learning new things through groups or alone but not any credit goes to school. like Fitness programs, Community based group courses

Why Education is Important ?

Importance of Education in Life

Education helps us to read and write and this is where we start our life. If we can read and write we achieve anything in life. All the information is done by writing. It makes people literate which helps them in getting a job.

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To open a business one needs to be literate. So, if you can read write you can do anything. In our life at each and every step, we all need education in progress to yourself or for country progress.

Communication is another important aspect of Education. If you can communicate well then you have learned all types of education.

Nowadays education is necessary for employment because companies and corporates are preferring people with good education and communication skills.

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Most of the time-poor people who don’t know much about education it becomes very hard for them to get a job.

Education helps in educating people and improving their personal and professional life. So, the importance of education in our life is pretty much impressive.

Importance of Education in Our Society

Education has always helped in providing the basic and necessary knowledge to society. Which helped in overall awareness in society. Scientists and other people called it the most valuable aspect of education.

More the educated society is more the progress. An educated society is always a good investment for kids. Who are in their learning phase. It is basically transferring the knowledge from one generation to another.

Without education, it could become very hard to differentiate between wrong and right. Only through education a man, a society, and a nation can grow.

So yeah, education has immerse impact on humans and society.

The Top 10 Most Educated Country in the world –

The country which has a higher no of educated adults finds it to be the most developed and latest technological equipment. OECD listed the 10 most educated countries in the world which are calculated on the percentage of people having some kind of graduation between the age of 24-65.


Canada is the country that is on top when it comes to the most educated country in the world. Canada has 56.27 percent of adults having some kind of higher education.


Japan comes second after Canada. Japan has a ratio of 50:50 among adult education. Half of the adults are having a higher degree in Japan.


ISRAEL’S country economy is a technological advance one, High-technology machines, and equipment

This country is highly developed in terms of od education with 49.9 percent of the population is classified as educated adults.


South Korea is a known country for its educated adults. Education system in South Korea is very strong. They spent US$43.1 billion on education in 2015. Because of that 46.86 of their population is considered as educated.


UK has always a long history of art and science, some of the greatest writers in the world are from UK.

It also have some of the top universities (Oxford and Cambridge) in world. According to OECD UK had 44.96 percent of population counted as educated adult.


According to OECD, 45.67 percent of american adults are categorizes as educated adults.


Australia is counted as one of the prime locations for high life expectancy for people. When it comes to education, 43.74 percent of the population is considered as educate adults.


Finland is a country that is an international leader in providing education. According to the OECD, 43.60 percent of its population has an adult education level.


Norway has only 5 million population, 43.02 percent of them are categorized as educated adults.


The country is one of the smallest in the world, also one of the wealthiest countries in the world. In terms of education, 42.86 percent of its population is considered an educated adult, According to OECD’s standards.


Through, Some of the below point I would like to conclude this article or essay on why education is important.

  1. Education improves one knowledge skills and develops their personality and attitude.
  2. It improves one knowledge skills and develops their personality and attitude.
  3. It certainly determines the quality of and life of and individual
  4. Education is one of the basic needs of a human being it is also essential for any form of development
  5. Education that helps us to teach others good values morals and life ethnics.
  6. It gives us the world around us and changes it into a lifestyle.
  7. It helps us to build opinions and have points of view of things in life.
  8. Education gives us knowledge of the world around us and changes it into something better.
  9. Education develops in us the perspective of looking at things.

It helps in the growth of society and it helps to live a peaceful and well-assured life. HOPE YOU FIND THIS ARTICLE INFORMATIVE. PLEASE DO SHARE