How to Study Effectively: Top Study Tips for School or College Students

How to study effectively

As you know more, You grow more.

Are you not able to score well in exams even after studying for hours?

It happens with most of the students. Studying for hours doesn’t mean that you will top the exams. The time when you are studying you think I know everything but does it happens when you are in the exam hall and looked at the paper? You forgot the answer.

Don’t Worry. It happens but what smart students do is look for how to study effectively so they can do best in the next exams. So, if you are also facing such problems, then these pro tips on how to study effectively are specially for you –

Follow a Study Plan

What successful people do is managing their time and activities for a day, week and for months. Same applied to study if you want to study smartly then you have to sit down and make a plan for how you going to prepare for the next exam or quiz.

You can change your study plan whenever you need but don’t go for a big change. Following a study plan daily will help you to be in a habit of studying accordingly.

Avoid Distraction

Nowadays it’s really hard to stay away from social media, electronic gadgets, and other online stuff. Even though if you have to use computer promise yourself not to open youtube or Netflix. Because once you open these you will not even realize how time will go. Also, your request to your friends and family not to disturb you could be a plus for you.

Always Be in a Positive Mindset

Being in a positive mindset will always help in your studies and even in your daily life. But when going to sit down for studying make sure you are positive enough.

When students start comparing themselves with others are they get distracted. As a student, you must understand that no one in the world has the same abilities and skills. You must not compare yourself with other students. A student may be good at mathematics and others in English so stop following others and always think that I am best at what I am.

Know Your Learning Style

Every student must know about his/her learning style. knowing about learning style help you to get more success in study or getting higher marks.

Basically, There are three main different types of learners: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. If you’re a visual learner then you need to highlight your notes. If you’re an auditory learner then you might need to make a song out of your notes. Sounds cool. 🙂 last and third type of learning style is kinesthetic learner, for this, you need to act out from your notes

Be a Smart Student

Use Flash Cards

This is counted as one of the best techniques you can use in studying. Through cards, you can stretch across each and every subject. Writing out the information on a card help you to focus your brain more on those topics. Once you’ve finished don’t forget to try them out without looking at sources

Avoid Studying Exensively

Studying extensively or Cramming just the night before the exam doesn’t work. Mostly every student needs a few days to review their notes for the information to really sink in.. By cramming, the information you’re memorizing will not be able to retain the information.

Sometimes people/students are extremely good at testing and school. Never ever try to compare yourself to them! Everyone is different and you need to be fit on what is best for you.

Take Breaks and Test Yourself

Studying continuously for a long time not going to help you much. Take a short break of 10-15 minutes in every 50 to 1 hour time. This is a true and trusted method of learning. Loan area and walking on the roof could be the best idea to positively spend those 10 minutes.

Testing yourself in the last 15-20 minutes can be a good idea to summarise what you have learned so far. Some textbooks have tests section on the end of each chapter.

Tips for Smart Study

  • Never ever watch TV, listen to music, eat snacks, while studying. This will decrease your concentration and will make it harder to study.
  • Don’t get distracted by others even though from your friends and family.
  • Get extra notes and examples from reference books.
  • Don’t call any friend in between your break because they might lie to you. This can demotivate you.
  • Always write down the stuff that you have learned. It makes easy to highlight and solve the answers in exams.
  • Keep your phone on switch off mode while studying.
  • Always highlight or underline important topics from your study material.
  • Always take care of yourself because more you stay healthy more you will able to concentrate on studies.

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