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Looking for an internship but don’t know how to find an Internship. Don’t worry, we are here to help you. Finding an internship requires some planning and research for finding the best internship opportunities. The more you do efforts more results you will get.

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You can find an internship through online websites, networking, attending career fairs, and online advertising. So, let’s begin with some best ways to find an internship

What is an Internship?

Write A Strong Resume

Before searching for an internship, you must have a strong resume. This is going to help you a lot in getting selected. Another thing is your resume should be well-structured and looks professional.

Many online websites are available to help you in building a resume. If, you don’t know what to mention.

Focus more on building your resume first. If you don’t have any work experience, it may be worth it to consider work experience before attempting an internship.

You can mention work, projects, POR (Position of responsibility). There are the least chances of getting an Internship without work for any experience.

Start Looking Early

You must start looking early for finding an internship. Most industries or companies have early deadlines and recruit and hire early.

Beginning your internship search during winter/summer break affords your additional time to take for an internship.

Make some connections with alumni, seniors, or professionals within the organization. They could suggest some companies or tips to find an internship best suited for you.

How to choose the right Career option

Know Your Career Interest

You won’t be able to get full profits from an internship if you don’t know what exactly I need to do. It is very important to know your field of interest.

Do you want to work in social sectors making a difference for society, country, or the world? You want to work in a digital marketing company to deal with all the marketing strategies of a company.

An internship will help you to exposure to opportunities and finding exciting career fields.

Best Career Options After Graduation

Your Network

You can get help from friends, family, faculty, career counsellor, college advisors, seniors, and alumni of your college. They can help you with what type of Internship you want, where and when you want to do it.

Your college alumni and doing informational interviews can provide you with overall information on career options you can pursue as an internship program.

Make sure, you first ask them about their free time so they can share their time and give you some expert advice. Don’t forget to thank them.

Keep An Eye On Online Resources

You can contact your career service office or Internship division to see if they have any recommended internship resources.,, and LinkedIn is also the best place to start your search. If you have any specific organization/company you can look at their websites.

You can apply through it if it is available on their website. You can take the help of ads in your local newspaper to find employers who may be looking for hiring an intern.

Attend Career Fairs

Image for Best ways to find an internshipContacting your Career Service Office at your college about internship fairs occurring next. It would be best if going to held in winter or summer break.

You must be prepared for a short introduction that briefly describes your skills, experience, interests, etc. A good introduction can put the first impression on the top employers who are recruiting talented interns.

Always follow up with recruiters you speak with at the fair.

Discussing With Employers

This can be a great idea if you know some people/ relatives working in the companies/field of interest. Be in contact with your college alumni that can inform you whenever there is any vacancy for interns. Once you got the opportunity you can contact through person to person or telephonic interview.


Take care of these amazing tips and this will help you to get your dream internship. Please do comment and share with your friends who are looking for an internship.

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