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Career iin fitness industries

“To enjoy the glow of good health you must exercise”

A trainer helps in achieving the fitness goals of people. Being a career in fitness industry fitness trainer has to go through many problems and issues. He or she works with individuals or groups, helping them in exercise and related activities.

A fitness trainer also provides both instruction and motivation. he or she must be specialized in his field.  Also, we will be talking about the salary of a personal trainer. You must read his article if you are looking for a career in the fitness industry in 2020 –

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How to make a career in fitness industry

So, to be a fitness trainer, you must serve a role model for your clients. A good physique always attracts so first be physically fit. To start a career in the fitness industry a high school diploma is enough for entry.

Employers give priority to hiring college graduates who have majored in fitness or health-related field.

A personal trainer who trains one-on-one with clients. Most of the employers ask for CPR, first aid, AED, or training. CPR is a very important action to save a person’s life in an emergency.

Getting a Professional certification like fitness courses, gym instructor courses, and bpt courses are also a good idea to work as a personal trainer or instruct students in group classes.

It specifies that you have all the qualities that a person should have to apply in this field. Having these skills you will be a more competitive job candidate. Choosing your certification also matters a lot so be careful in choosing the organization from which you will get it.

                          How to choose the right Career option

Here are some Roles and Responsibility that must take care of it:-

Roles and Responsibilities of a Fitness Instructor

  • Inspire clients
  • Proper use of equipment and techniques
  • Customize training programs for individuals and groups
  • Sustain clients safety
  • Give feedback
  • Monitor clients progress
  • Proper nutrition plan
  • Listen to the member’s complaints
  • Sell services and products to potential and existing customers

Some Mandatory Skills for a Successful Career in Fitness Industry

Apart from education and certification, there is a requirement of certain soft skills to succeed as a fitness trainer. Some important skills are mentioned below:

  • Potential to motivate others: Many people don’t like to exercise but they have to do because for some reason. To make their workout enjoyable trainer must motivate them.
  • Customer Service skills: A client is a customer of the trainer so he or she must understand their needs and satisfy them.
  • Training Skills: Letting your client know about proper exercise and equipment is your responsibility. You should explain to them the proper demonstrating techniques.
  • Communication Skills: What are you speaking and what is the client getting is very important. You should clearly transfer information and instructions to your client is vital.

Drawbacks of being a Life Fitness trainer

  • A gym is a place where a trainer should have to present there every time because  It’s like a home with Father. People come to the gym at a convenient time. It would be an evening, morning, or maybe in the afternoon. some people seem to join at night so that’s why the schedule of a trainer includes late evening and weekends.
  • As a trainer, you will probably work in multiple gyms and even in people’s homes. Instead of travel from job to job. like, some people hate to work at other homes so it might be awkward for a trainer.
  • Hitting the gym even if you don’t want or not in a mood because you motivate others to work hard. You are a set example for them. So as an integral part of a fitness trainer’s job to always motivate them.

Employers Expectations from You

  • Personal appearance and manners
  • Able to safely and confidently fitness train clients
  • Must be an engaging personal trainer in a practical, hands-on environment
  • Talented enough to get clients in the door

Salary of a Personal Trainer

  • The salary of a personal trainer depends on person to person. SOmeone can afford higher rates irrespective of that some get the same service at low rates.

As of June 29, 2018,    the median annual salary of a personal trainer is $58,694. However, this can vary widely depending on a variety of factors.

Update – According to Glassdoor    https://www.glassdoor.co.in/Salaries/us-personal-trainer-salary-SRCH_IL.0,2_IN1_KO3,19.htm average salary of a personal trainer is $40,906/yr. Please find the screenshot for the same.

Employment is growing day by day and will match the average for all occupations through 2025. Overall it has a good job outlook when you are interested in it.


After reading this article I hope that you get an idea of the pros and cons of being in fitness industries. You can make your own decision on the basis of this article.

PS: Nowadays, Because of Coronavirus it’s a great decision to make a career in the fitness industry.

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