Which One is Best Stream After 10th in 2020

stream after 10th

You’re always one decision away from a totally different life.

Yes, You heard it right! Just one decision can change your life completely. Let’s compare it with every student who has completed his/her 10th standard and now it’s time to decide about his/her future. Everyone should know which is the best stream after 10 –

Each and every student want to know which one is best stream after 10th. They have 3 options available- Science, Commerce, and Arts and it’s quite natural for students to get confused at this juncture.

Don’t worry this article will guide you and help to choose the best Stream after 10th. Here, below you will find some amazing tips and advice, though you can choose the best Stream that would be the best fit for you.

Before going through tips you must know how important it is to choose the best Stream after 10th-

When you chose a stream, to an extent, you will influence the professional course that he/she will pursue after completing 12th standard. And the course that you have will decide the career that she/he may build after graduation.

It’s not only a decision of choosing stream but to build the whole career of your interest.

This is why it’s an important decision for students. Now, it’s time to have a look at tips and advice which will be useful to students and parents too:-

How to Choose Best Stream After 10th

Know Your Strengths, Weakness, and Aptitude

Know your strength weakness

You must be aware of strength and weakness because this matters a lot to choose the best fit stream for you.

If you’re weak in any subject (physics, chemistry, maths, and biology), it would be hard to face the subjects in science Stream.

In a condition like this student can take help of online as well as regular aptitude tests to find out one’s ‘strength’ and ‘weakness’.

If you’re good at Economics and statistics, going with Commerce stream will prove beneficial for you.

Don’t think you can choose the best stream on the basis of Strength and weakness.

Find out Everything About Streams

So, you know everything you need to know about yourself (Strengths and weakness). But, you also must know about the streams i.e types of subject, difficulty level, and career path ahead. That would surely help to choose your desired stream more clearly.

Also, know about the education boards and choose the best one you think that can help to build a successful career ahead.

After, doing all of this analysis you can conclude on the basis of these tips.

In India there are three streams are available which are-

  • Science 
  • Commerce
  • Arts

Do Educational Counseling

Careeer Counseling

Who could know better than one who suffered through these conditions?  Yes, a qualified educational counselor would help you to find the best stream that suits you.

It’s good if you can access counseling facilities but don’t worry if don’t. Your teacher can be a good alternative because he/she has seen your performance in the last ten years.

He/she knows about your strengths, personality, and traits. This knowledge could be enough for them to be able to guide you further.

Follow Your Passion

Do you know what is the best thing in this world? ‘

              Doing what you love?  Yes, it is

Doing what you love will help you to be happy and to do some new. Even you can be a role model for other people.

So, think about your area of interest and note it down on a paper. Make the list shorter and keep only those entry you really care about.

For detailed information click here: How to choose right career option

Just go and meet people who’re already in that field

I think going to the workplace and meeting with people related to the career you’re interested in would be a good step to know about the work environment, about his/her work schedule, the journey of success, and also you can have answers to your doubts.

You can ask for his/her free time to discuss if you want in a more detailed way.

After this session, you will have a good idea about the job and now it’s your choice to decide. If you find it interesting you must go with it. Otherwise, don’t worry many more options are there.

Hope this article will help you to choose the best stream after 10th.

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