Introduction To Coding For Kids | Best Coding Games & Programs

What is Coding for Kids?

What is coding for kids? To take the first step into the coding world, it is essential to understand what it is. In basic words, coding means the usage of computer programming languages to create web pages, applications, computer software, games, etc.

It is a way for us humans to communicate with the machines by giving commands on what actions to execute. It can be learn through coding games available for kids.

People speak different languages all over the world, similarly coding also consists of the use of different languages that are technical in nature. Coding is certainly becoming common and significant, especially for the youth.

Coding Program for Kids

Many schools have started teaching kids coding through innovative and fun methods. It is not a common concept in India yet, however, we will get there soon enough. A lot of you may wonder how a kid can possibly learn something as complicated as coding.

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As we all know, kids love playing online games and they’re also fast learners. Most schools that offer coding classes for kids start off by teaching them through popular games. Kids avoid doing things that may seem boring so introducing online games to challenge them is perhaps the most efficient way to teach coding.

Another question that arises is why kids need coding at such a young age. The answer is quite simple, learning coding at a young age will sharpen the mind of the child and it would be a positive step towards their future.

What Does Coding for Kids Include?

Children of grades 1 to 4 are so young so evidently, there is a fun way to go about it. The coding courses which are offered for such young children include:-

  • Animation and storytelling using coding
  • Coding through art and music
  • Logical programming using games

Through these, the kids learn the basics of coding. When it is the right time to go further, the kids advance to the next level which is for children of grades 5 to 8. The courses which are offered are more difficult as they include:-

  • AR Development
  • Android Development(app development)
  • 3D Coding and VR Development
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • Web Development with HTML, CSS, JS

The courses mentioned above may seem challenging but the kids are guided in a proper manner which helps them learn and grow significantly. The kids of grade 9 to 12 obviously need something which is more thought-provoking and interesting.

So, the courses which are provided for them include:-

  • 3D Coding and VR game development
  • AI and Machine Learning
  • AR Development
  • Android Development
  • Web Development with HTML, CSS, JS

As you may notice, the course names are repeated. However, the younger kids are taught the basic level whereas the same courses which are offered to the older kids are way more advanced.

Top Coding Games for Kids

There are numerous coding games that kids can play online to learn to code. It clearly depends on the age as some games are far more challenging than others.

The beginner games are quite simple, once your kid understands the basic games, they can move onto the more challenging ones. If you are wondering what games are appropriate for your kids to learn coding, they will be
mentioned below.

  1. Candy quest
  2. Robots
  3. Art Studio
  4. Music Studio
  5. WeDo Coding
  6. Creative Coding
  7. Dragon Dash
  8. Debugger
  9. Mind Crafters
  10. Ninja Runner
  11. Counter Hack
  12. Python 1
  13. Python 2
  14. Crystal Clash
  15. Goblin Quest

The games which have been mentioned above are in order from easy to advance. Kids anyway love playing games so it is definitely better than they can learn something while playing games.

In India, coding is introduced in a much later stage so ask yourself, is it not better to teach your kids the basics from the very beginning? Other countries already offer a wide range of courses for young children, it is time for your kids to learn those courses as well.

Even if coding courses are not introduced in school yet, there are other ways to learn. There are plenty of websites that offer coding programs for children of all ages. The best part is, you can be there with your kids while they learn. You can find out what coding is, how it works, and at what level right from your home.

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