Are you looking or preparing for govt jobs in 2020?

Getting a govt job is like a dream for every Indian student. Most of the students in India are attracted to govt jobs because it has many benefits.

If you are preparing for govt opportunities in 2020 then you must know what are the highest paying government job in India.

Advantages of Govt Job –

Why people are getting attracted to govt jobs is because of its benefits and lucrative career. There are some of the various reasons govt jobs are considered a great achievement –

Why Govt. Jobs | Seize your career | Govt Jobs in 2019
  • High Paying salary – Nowadays Government jobs are providing a good amount of salaries in starting. Salary of govt jobs in 2020 as compared to other private jobs is still far better. If we include medical, LTC, TA, Children education allowances, etc the amount is not less than 25-30k.
  • Job Security – This is counted as the greatest reason for getting into government jobs. Once you are in, you are in for a lifetime. Your service is protected by the Constitution of India. So, everyone wants to find a job like this.
  • Power In Hands – Government officials have all the power to take decisions on their own hands. People give respect to them because they know the worth of power they have.
  • Relaxed Life – Most of the government officers have a relaxed life. Some of them work only within office hours and they get almost 140 days of leave every year. The working condition in govt sector is easier as compared to private jobs.
  • More Perks – In almost all of the services (expect entry or medium-level jobs) the perks of the government are great. You have a big chance of getting a bungalow, a car, and even a person to work at home.

Highest Paying Govt. Jobs


The Indian administrative service is one of the most wanted govt. jobs or highest paying govt. job. It’s like a dream come true for most people.

An IAS is the part of policymakers in India and they also indulged in many diverse fields. But it’s not that easy higher the job standard higher the efforts you have to make.

It is right that they have a good pay scale and perks associated with houses, cars, personal securities, etc. They have good opportunities to seize their career for a lifetime.

The entry-level salary of an IAS or IPS is nearly 60,000 along with DA.

Defense Services (Army, Navy, Coastal Guard)

Defense Services officials have more perks as compared to their city counterparts. Although their jobs are adventures and risky. You have to clear (NDA, AFCAT, CDS) exams to get into defense jobs.

The entry-level salary of lieutenant rank is 55,000 – 65,000 with DA.

They have many more perks like Transport allowance, free ration, children’s education allowance, pension after retirement, etc.

Indian Foreign Services (IFS officers)

IFS officers are also known as the brand ambassador of the nation. An IFS officer is the person of the Indian govt in foreign countries. This is not an easy task to do because it includes heavy traveling and long hour meetings with foreign delegates.

An IFS officer is representing our country in foreign countries and they also get respect for the work they are doing. This is also counted as a high paying govt. job in recent times and in 2019 also.

Salary packages are almost the same as an IAS which is nearly 60,000.

Highest Paying Govt jobs in 2019
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Highest Paying Govt jobs in 2019
This article talks about what are the benefits of govt job and highest paying govt jobs in 2019. It also mentions about the salary, designation and experience you need for it.
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