There are many formats of resume you can use to apply for jobs. You will decide the formats of resume you are going to use after this article. Format of resume is depended on types of job opening you apply for.

Basically, there are four Different types Of resumes include – Chronological, Functional, Combination and targeted. Each resume is used for a different purpose. So. let’s begin and discuss different types of resume –

Chronological Resume

The chronological resume is the most commonly used resume types. It is best to fit for job seekers having a solid and strong work history. It starts by listing your work history according to the most recent position first and down to your earliest.

Most of the employers use this type of format because its always to easy to see what previous job you have. And, when you have worked at them.

I think you might need other formats of resume if you are starting or switching your career.

Functional Resume

Looking to gange career then this type of resume is the best fit for you. People who have taken some time or have a gap between their jobs they also can use this.

This type of resume focuses on skills, and experiences instead of work history. It includes Professional experience or can be the accomplishments and skills you have developed throughout the years.

It is also useful for people who are starting their career or have a little work experience. Listing the skills on the top helps the recruiters that you have relevant skills or experience for the job.

People having a diverse background with no clarity in career path can use this, This is the most effective of resume.


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